Carl Finlow / Dez Williams - Untitled (BA044V)

Following several digital masterpieces including the generous charity compilation "Touched Bass", London based Bass Agenda Recordings returns to vinyl production with a split EP from a couple of UK heavyweight producers: the legendary Carl Finlow (Warp, Trope, Klang, Soma, SCSI-AV, Satamile) and Electronica don Dez Williams (SCSI-AV, Elektronik Religion).


Recently put under the strobe lights thanks to his brilliant "Electricology EP" on Billy Nasty's Electrix Records, Carl signs here two cuts of high caliber.


As a mixture of sharp beats and delayed synth flights melt with Sci-Fi elements, lethal "Bleem" focuses on the funky side of Electro, while distorted "Chemical Bonds" scanding "Don't Stop" throughout opens the road to dystopian landscapes surrounded by a dark atmosphere. These dancefloor tracks craftily constructed gather all the intelligent, finest and subtle components you are to expect from this incredible artist, arranged the best way possible.


As fit as a fiddle for now, extremely wanted Dez Williams, author recently of remarkable appearances on Elektrodos and Killekill compilations just to name but a few, invests the B side of the 12" with three incredible jams: "Interference", (maybe an ode to I-F?); an instant Electro classic based upon severe drums and an amazing use of the 303, rollin' "Dayzov V1.1", a well cadenced slaughter made of bubbling tones fused into a groovy bassline, and last but not the least "Whitey", my favorite, an experimental modular DJ Tool driven by nasty bleeps and a slowed down, yet powerful rhythm guaranteed to put you in a trance!


If you like Electro with balls, rush on the B side. For a deeper approach, check the A side. Infectious and hypnotic at the same time, this brand new 12" on Bass Agenda is a must have!





Written by: Chris Nexus 6

July 2016