Cardboard And Computers - The Best Ones

New Zealand independent label and artistic studio "The Area", established in 1998, inaugurates the debut release with the Cardboard And Computers multimedia project.


As a collective of artists composed of guitarist Evan Short, Latin percussionist Tony Escapa, lead vocals Otis Frizzell, synth programmer Tom Ludvigson and mixer Mike Weston (accessorily the label owner), the band aims to provide experimentation and innovation in creative capability.


A side of the 12" opens with the title track. A successful mash up of old school Electro beats supported by insane guitar flights, and some sharp drums laying in the background, the cut comes completed with great vocoders and robotic vocals, while a nice melody progressively leads the listener to groovy landscapes. Staring at Techno style, "The Best Ones" appears on the flipside with a totally revisited dancefloor version.


In remix duty, legendary US turntablist scratchmaster Freddy Fresh (Analog USA, Electric Music Foundation) turns the original into an impressive modular rework based upon Electro Breaks sororities tinted with trancey strings and experimental 4/4 reminiscences. Ace!


Limited to 300 pressed copies in a color gloss sleeve, the first release from The Area comes with three different printed insert sleeves to satisfy collectors!






Reviewed by: Chris Nexus 6

June 2017