Boyd Goosman - Back In The Race E.P.

Emmanuel Taron, previously a member of the iconic Noirdegout outfit, featured on famed Techno imprints like No Fear and Dave Clarke's White Noise, returns here under his new Boyd Goosman pseudonym on his equally new French imprint Aequilon Records, with a 12" output that reflects his deep passion for Detroit's eclectic take on Techno. What I mean by that, is that historically, the city has been responsible for the release of such a wide variety of music it refers to simply as Techno, that to many is considered to be at times also cornerstones of Electro Funk, Electro Bass and of course, the sub-genre of Electronic music we now know today as Techno: the deeply sonic, emotive 4x4 that has spread to all corners of the globe like a wildfire. 


Starting off on side A, Boyd Goosman delivers with "Lost Control", a classic emotive Techno tune, with rhythms that remind me a bit of Aux 88's first release called "Bass Magnetic" in the intro. But while the rhythms start off in classic Electro Bass fashion, the song quickly switches into 4x4 mode, as the intriguing pads carry on like clouds that linger after a storm. The analog aspect of this song is very rich and raw, it's like silk to the ears. This song is great for the dancefloor in my opinion, especially in how it switches between Breaks and 4x4 rhythms seamlessly, taking you on a nostalgic journey through both waves of Detroit's Techno sound. 


Next up, we find a remix by German artist "Cadency", who takes the previous song, and delivers here a fierce, Hard Techno track in full Berlin fashion, forming craters on the dancefloor with machine-like beats, as menacing sonic pistons push back and forth without mercy. This one reminds me a bit of Scan 7's works, great stuff! Very hypnotic and with attitude. 


Starting off on side B, Boyd Goosman drops the alluring "Enigmatic Substance". A powerful 4x4 jam that gallops along with full intent, as the lingering pads and alien-like noises introduce us to a world all of its own. This sounds like something that could be played during one of the most suspenseful scenes of a movie like The Matrix or Equlibrium, where mystery abounds as melancholy prevails. Love this song! A+.


Last but not least, "Nocturnal Blue" concludes this great Techno release with pulsating vibes and tribal drums that dance in the background, as they quickly move to the front to become part of an aggressive array of sonic effects that pierce through your mind like needles. This song occuppies a space all of its own with great depth and captivates you right from the beginning, as it seems rather cold and hypnotizing; like being inside of a huge hall all by yourself. Suddenly, as if appearing through the walls, beautiful pianos and pads warm the air around you, but never really quite getting away from that myterious chilly vibe. Beautiful song! Pulls you in deep. 


Great first release for Aequilon Records, and a warmly welcomed return to the scene for Noirdegout member Emmanuel Taron aka Boyd Goosman, who delivers an amazing first 12" on what will undoubtedly be an amazing Techbno label. Hope this is the first of many as the refined styles presented here show a lot from both the imprint and artist as to what the general musical path will be, and it's very exciting! As for you, what are you waiting for? Support the scene by grabbing a copy of the 12"! :)





Reviewed by: Santino Fernandez

March 2017