Biodread ‎– Game Over EP - The Remixes

If you follow this section assiduously, you know how much we enjoy X0X Records! With a rhythm of approximatively one release per year, this Finnish premium label favors quality to quantity, serving up smashing releases each time that are worth the wait.


These remixes of Pertu Lindroos aka Biodread's insane "Game Over EP", published last year on XOX007, don't depart from the imprint's rules and will even contradict people who think reworks never equal originals.


Carefully written and constructed by some of the top Electro producers of the moment, these songs will stay for a while in your DJ bag, flight case or USB stick (for those who will ripp the vinyl as there won't be any digital outing). I highly recommend to even buy a couple of vinyl copies as you might erode the first 12" quickly.


In overture of the A side, half of Morphology duo Mickael Diekmann offers his own version of "Armed And Operational". If you can't stand acid, go your way. Otherwise, this track is for you guys! Take a bewitching 303 line, enhance it with some solid 808 drums, add dark yet urban grooves in the background and you'll obtain this freshly CRC remix you were looking for! Hot like the ultimate boss to fight off at the last level of your favorite video game.


Mickael Diekmann returns with his associate Matti Turunen, this time as Morphology (Cultivated Electronic, Zyntax Motorcity, CPU Recordings) to revisit "No Hope" into a minimalistic, spacey and gloomy song where metallic textures echo to clinical patterns. Ace!


On the flipside, XOX regular signature Sero turns "Armed And Operational" into a wonderful boogaloo Electro Funk piece, bringing us back into time, 35 or 40 years ago. Shaking beats melt with vintage synth sequences, while fresh vocoders and oldschool samples offer a classic cocktail, guaranteed to put you in a circle!


Finally, highly requested Luke Eargoggle (Stilleben Records, Mechatronica), associated with KAN3DA (Transient Force, AC Records) serves up an ultra severe "Judgement", gathering in nearly five minutes all of the components you would expect from these Swedish artists: nasty robotic lyrics, powerful bass, noir layers and a synthetic atmosphere. The perfect soundtrack for androids in quest of emotive cuts!


From A to Z, "Game Over EP - The Remixes" signs an authentic DJ tool made of four Electro masterpieces, eclectic yet complementary. Must have!





Written by: Chris Nexus 6

September 2016