Beatprozessor - Terabytes EP

British net Electro label Borg Recordings, founded by Skyborg in 2012, proudly presents the debut release of Austrian DJ and producer Beatprozessor.


With the "Terabytes EP", the Vienna artist provides four promising Electro tracks tinted with old school colors and deep influences ranging from the C64 scene, to Electro Funk and Hip-Hop of the 90's.


"Access Denied" opens the digital pack with nice synth programming over dancefloor 808s drums, while female vocals scan the title track. Nostalgic "Terabytes" instantly following alternates clinical , sharp hihats and bleepy tones, building a retro piece of music coming directly from a computer game.


Groovy as hell "Datenhighway" offers another vintage cut with a modern twist, made of robotic lyrics, polyphonic harmonies, and ultra funky chords.


Final "Vektorgraphik", my favorite, ventures into the Electro Bass genre, serving up an efficient slaughter characterized by harsh beats, dark synth flights, and bubbling modulations. To bring us closer to the sounds from the remix of Expansion Union's "World Wide Funk" by Dynamix II. This release will fulfill lovers of old school Electro with roots in the 80's!





Written by: Chris Nexus 6

June 2016