Jackal & Hyde - Bad Robot

Jackal & Hyde return after a small hiatus, well anticipated as many for some time wondered if we would see another release by the legendary duo. This time on German powerhouse Dominance Electricity, Jackal & Hyde presents "Bad Robot"; a Vinyl and Digital EP featuring the new "VIP remix" of the duo's hit "The Darkstar" from 2004, as well as a new original which the record is named after. 


Starting things off is "Bad Robot", a ferocious, hypnotic, and right down deranged tune full of playful beeps and bleeps, carried on the back of futuristic laser Electro Core beats, twisting and turning every which way as the wild edits and manipulations here take you down the rabbit hole and into the dark underbelly of the beasts that are Jackal & Hyde.


The "VIP" remix of "The Dark Star" on the other hand, starts off a bit more classic Techno Bass styled, seemingly gravitating away from their Electro Core signature sound, yet delving right back into it as this bullet train races forward, only to be met by haunting strings, and devious sequences and edits...an absolute madness of a track! Loving this one.


Jackal & Hyde makes a great return back to the scene, proving their sound only continues to evolve as it in many ways also retains a flavor that while often imitated, is really quite all of their own. It's really great to see a band that in all their amazing success, never let their sound get watered down, and never sold out like so many others before and even after them. The move by German label Dominance Electricity to acquire these songs, to me also seems like a great expansion into a different realm that is really different than what we are used to seeing from them. In many ways something that is very symbolic to the continuing integration of so many different paths into one big, classy and funky style of sound that is Techno Bass music. Long live the legacy of Jackal & Hyde! Get this record now, which is also soon to be available on a few different versions of its vinyl format; including a deluxe red version. So get your pre-purchase in to secure a copy of this limited release now! If you haven't heard of this iconic duo, you are about to learn how we rock it in the underground! For the long time fans, don't wait on this one, they are back and in full force!





Written by: Santino Fernandez

April 2016