ATIX - Tunnel EP

Even as a newcomer to Bass Agenda Recordings, French artist ATIX still has a solid musical career with more than 18 years of good and faithful services to the electronic cause on labels such as Lot49, Mako Records, Crux Records, BNR Trax (Boysnoize) or his own Division Virtuel just to name but a few.


Delivering a powerful three Electro tracker on Andy Barton's prime UK label, Yannick Tranchant puts under the strobe lights his eclectic influences ranging from the early days of Hardcore, to Detroit and Berlin Techno/Electro sounds.


The title track opens with heading synth modulations, while an irresistible Electro beat invites you to some robotic movements on the dancefloor. Not for the faint of heart, the tune seems to be surrounded by a dark and oppressive atmosphere, as if you were venturing like a suffering soul in an evil labyrinth with little hope to escape. Ace!


"Shacky" coming next signs a remarkable work on rhythm thanks to sharp drums, loud beats and metallic hi-hats. Here's a punchy DJ tool, perfect to mix at 3am when you want to lead your crowd into unsecured zones.


Final "Spaceman" concludes the digital pack with an epic yet groovy slaughter built around metallic pads, sharp drums, punchy beats and hypnotic modulations that will make you loose your mind.


Aiming to cause maximum damage on the dancefloor, the "Tunnel EP" fulfills its mission beyond all hope. One of Bass Agenda's harshest Electro releases, highly recommended!






Reviewed by: Chris Nexus 6

July 2017