V/A - To Andreas Gehm

Andreas Gehm left us a few months ago and his loss remains painful for many of us. After the release of the "Boxx EP" in June, Midnight Shift Records established in 2011 and based out of Singapore, wished to publish a tribute to this fantastic German producer who's gone away too early. The present compilation pays homage in the best way possible to the master of the 303, offering a refined selection of eight club insanities from both emerging and heavyweight producers.


Opening with nostalgic "1st Electric", KiNK (Macro, Midnight Shift Records) harkens back to a time when Acid House was ruling the Galaxy. Subtle loops melt with magic Electronica strings to turn the track into a timeless beauty, evanescent and moody at the same time.


In a similar vein but with a more dancefloor approach, "Diffused Partition" from Marco Bernardi (Frustrated Funk, Brokntoys) unleashes the bass while heading vocals progressively take hold of your brain.


"Further" coming next goes darker and sees its creator Mark Forshaw (Computer Controlled Records, Berceuse Heroique) adding harder kicks and acid lines over a fascinating melody by the middle of the cut. A typical acid cut à la DJ HMC, straight to the point, without flourish.


Hypnotizing "Running" from Basic Soul Unit (Dekmantel, Dolly) signs an authentic Acid House slaughter, supported by a well-oiled acid sequence, warm drums and swirly synth waves. A track Andreas wouldn't have repudiated. Ace!


With its not too serious title (and for those who knew Andreas, he had no equal to give his tracks some funny names), slow "I Do Not Own This Song" sees Tzusing (Public Possession, L.I.E.S.) taking a more aggressive route - a vocal-fused slab of raw acid over rough and metallic beats. To bring closer to some of Drvg Cvltvre experiments on New York Haunted label.


Bubbling "Breaks In Zen" by L/F/D/M (Clan Destine Records, Ecstatic) embodies the aesthetic of the compilation with a floating acid cut made of aerial modulations, shaking kicks and groovy filters.


Electro "Praise To Insanity" written by Umwelt (Rave Or Die, Boidae) sounds like one of the album highlights with its brooding bassline, harsh percussions and brainwashing 303. Surrounded by a gloomy atmosphere, this nasty drama leads us to the last song "Shards Will Shine". Rivet (Nordisk Samtidsmusik, Kontra-Musik) introduces here a catchy breakbeat cut enhanced by a relentless rhythm and some exotic melodies. No doubt wherever he is now, Andreas will enjoy the compilation and jerk his body.


Available at first in digital format, the release will soon also appear in 2x12". Must have for Acid and Electro enthusiasts and a good way to say we miss you Andreas! All proceeds will go towards funding Andreas Gehm’s post-mortem affairs, managed by his best friend, Joe Kurta.





Reviewed by: Chris Nexus 6

January 2017