Amper Clap - Evil EP

While everybody still has in mind his recent "Sands Of Time" EP published a few months ago on AMP, Amper Clap returns with another self-release of high quality Electro. The current 8 tracker from the unstoppable Spanish cyborg deserves its title. Surely "Evil" introduces an evolution in Sergio Checa's music and a new artistic direction, but it sticks to a dark sound which is Amper Clap's trademark.


With more than 20 EP's and numerous collaborations on labels such as Battery Park Studio, Alivelab, OnDaMike Productions, and Tainted Ronin since 2005, Sergio has covered every kind of electronic genre, from Breaks to Techno, passing through Trance. Devoted to Electro, the Spanish artist always shows dedication for tense, melodic, yet unhealthy vibes. Some atmospheres we can find on "Evil" melt with old school funk.


In overture of the digital pack, trippy "Bass Attack" delivers an almighty tune a la John Carpenter over a moody Electro rhythm, giving the tone of a much anticipating release with nostalgic touches. Retro "Junior Bot" coming next sees Amper doing some funny Speak n' Spell exercises. Well named "Gates Of Hell" instantly following draws pictures of a terrific purgatory on fire surrounded by insane creatures leading us to the title cut "Evil", an horrific affair with a sense of drama and apocalyptic vision made of powerful beats plus industrial synth flights. Merciless!


Meticulously crafted "Genome T-16" merges almighty drums to a groovy bassline paving the way to unexplored and dark landscapes. To bring his sound closer to some of Boris Divider's early works. Ace!


Mind blowing "Love Of Evil" offers a creepy yet dancefloor friendly tune, whereas nightmarish "Molecular Reconstruction" serves up a heading syncopated jam supported by haunting arrangements; both cuts ranging from authentic old school to more futuristic Electro.


Mixture of downtempo rhythms, loud bass and cosmic melodies, "Free Your Senses" concludes the EP on a soulful and visionary note. Superb!


Every track on "Evil" hits the mark and takes you further into the world of Amper Clap, moving through deep atmospherics to dancefloor tension filled with twisty electro. Must have like most of the Spanish releases!





Written by: Chris Nexus 6

February 2016