Alekay - Space Madness

Frajile Recordings returns, this time with a new title from strong up and comer Alekay, who delivers with "Space Madness", an ingenious Electro Bass single with vibes, beats and funk to spare! Includes a remix by James Wolfe in collaboration with Cloak as well, so you can imagine things are bound to get a bit wild here!


If you have witnessed some of Alekay's previous works on Gigabeat, Tech D, as well as Dog Eat Dog; not to mention his own Theoryon Records, then perhaps you are well acquainted with the forward-thinking, yet old school oriented music this artist composes and produces. Fiercely driven beats, mind-bending sound design, coupled with the mystique that comes through his music's atmospherics, it's easy to hear how well balanced his tunes are, and that they are not just incredible for the dancefloor, but also easy to listen to even while driving or in the middle of a workout. It's soothing, yet highly energizing and thought-provoking.  


Kicking things off on this digital pack, is the original version of "Space Madness", a techy, hard-edged tune that seems clearly inspired by old school Electro Funk and Miami Bass, yet as always with his music, pushing the boundaries of genres a bit by blending different influences into one very unique powerhouse of dancefloor bombs! Gleaming, playful, yet somehow devious sequences remind me a bit of Resident Alien's material on the imprint long ago, dropping into wild Trap breakdowns driven by detuned vocal samples. Dope track, love that analog sawtooth bass synth, gripping! 


Next up, the "Recalibration Mix" sees label head honcho James Wolfe team up with Cloak, who appeared previously last year on the incredible Cloak and Dagger release we reviewed called "Darkfall", and back here again for the reworking of Space Madness, into a pounding tune that shines in all its glory with highly sophisticated 808s that stomp the ground like Jackboots, while retaining many of the original elements, aiming to make this one slightly harder, but equally funky and forward-thinking without changing things too much.


Amazing single, and a perfect companion remix to complement things. I personally would really love to see an Alekay album at some point, as it is clear the artist has a well rounded talent for bringing in not just modern techniques at their very best, but also classic musicality that is simply core to what we do; even if some don't want to accept that simple fact. This new one by Frajile Recordings is a must have, and a couple tunes to add something truly special to your next DJ set...get it now! Highly recommended. 





Reviewed by: Santino Fernandez

May 2017