Alavux - Ohm

Meeting Goran aka "Alavux" recently on Dave Clarke's second Electro event, "Whip It", was a real pleasure. The man embodies his music. That's what he represents. He is as energetic as his beats and cuts, passionate when he talks, always there for a laugh or a joke. In addition, there's no genre in the wide range of Electro/Techno he doesn't challenge. Every release he puts out, surprises and tells one new story after another.


An overlook on his enormous production work on Discogs would lead me too far from the latest release presented to the world. There are the Bass Agenda Recordings releases like the "Octagon" 12"; in which he opens a world that creaks of machinery, voodoo and atmospheric thunders with falling acid rain. And the release "Ambiance", with the superb track "Natural"; a surrealistic interpretation of a new form of ambiance on the dance floor. But there are numerous collaborations and contributions on the most important compilations over the last year as well. His latest E.P. release, will be published on Madden Wachsenhoff's (DJ Mad Wax) Vocode Records (#11) this time around, a U.S.A. based label always looking for harsh beats in Bass City.


Alavux manages again, to open a whole new universe. "Super Seed Featuring Saint Cole", rams on Electro Bass, screaming with a megaphone for a new evolution. It was obvious why Dave Clarke adopted this track in his "White Noise #568" radio show, and will without any doubt stroke the ears of many other fans of Alavux.


The second track, "Ohm," is the interplay between a rolling sequence, gradually under construction where metal tunes are floating around. "Shadow Man" on the other hand is just a momentary flash back, an uncut meeting with the all time classic "Tanz der Mussolini" from D.A.F.; an unadulterated EBM hit out the box, inviting to dance Pogo for all times sake.


The last track "Bomb", arrives as a dangerous beast drilling its way trough the surface. An industrial sound spectrum, with steamy machines and radars that scour the space in what probably sounds like a sonic invasion.


Alavux surprises time after time with his labyrinth of variety and a passion to draw new stories, opening the dark side of an underworld we love so much. Highly reccomended! Stay tuned, release date is November 25, 2016 on Juno Download, and everywhere else you buy music December 9, 2016! 





Reviewed by: Labyrinth E.

November 2016