Achim.Bloch - Two Electronic Pieces With Processed Samples Of John Zewizz's Voice

Achim.Bloch returns, hot on the heels from his releases on Bass Agenda Recordings, as well as his own Roxxx imprint back in 2015, here again with "Two Electronic Pieces With Processed Samples Of John Zewizz's Voice". A haunting, visionary compilation of two Electro/Techno cuts: raw, profound, and willing to go deep without inhibitions; the way we have come to find Achim.Bloch's music in past releases so far.


Starting things off, "Affinities of Formal Beauties" catches us off guard with an Industrial vibe that spooks from the get go. The punishing 4x4 beats stomp on the ground like Militant soldiers ready for battle, as a bassline reminiscent of tracks like "Down" by Aaron Carl provides a bit of funk styled in the fashion of some of Detroit's more obscure Electro/Techno acts like Dopplereffekt.


Next up we find "Vidéo Vérité", a similar track, still carrying the 4x4 rhythms, yet introducing calming synths that uplift the mind in a way that is thought-provoking and captivating at the same time; especially as the asbtract World Music elements come in, reminding me a bit of what sound like Arabian flutes. Really great track, very complex, and well balanced between being dark and profound.


Great record by Achim.Bloch overall, a name we are becoming more and more familiar with as he continues a great output of very unique releases, crafted with vision and a sense for this music being more than just a template, but rather a foundation for what can become anything if given the chance to blossom. Something we clearly see in the less-than-formulaic music of this fascinating French artist who takes influence from clear sources, but morphs it into something only his mind and soul can produce. Buy now! This release is highly reccomended.





Reviewed By: Santino Fernandez

December 2016