Viennese Electro label run by DJ Glow returns with the final chapter of its TRUSTXV trilogy, which saw a plethora of prestigious appearances including the label's regular signatures like Dez Williams, Stingray 313, Biepang, Scape One, Microthol, Vc-118a, Matti Turunen, Clatterbox, and Lok44. As a conclusion, Trust XV's last compilation this time features mighty contributions from The Exaltics (Clone Records, Modal Analysis, Creme Organization), Plant43 (Ai Records, Semantica Records, Central Processing Unit), Adapta (Brutalist Sunset), and Epy x Micromega.


The co-founder of renowned Solar One Music imprint kicks things off on A side with creepy "Flexible Horizon", a progressive yet tense tune with great atmospheres, halfway between the Electro and Techno genres. Dark as Hell, the track provides some innovative and mind-blowing mental sonic frequencies!


Freshly landed from his Shipwrec trip, UK Emile Facey aka Plant43 offers with "Infected Biome" a futuristic experience from start to finish, serving up a dense Sci-Fi Electro cut based upon emotive synth layers over a groovy rhythm. On the reverse, Adapta offers a tribute to the Matrix movie thanks to well cadenced "Black Morpheus", a powerful yet minimalistic Electro affair full of groovy sounds.


New talent Epy x Micromega concludes the 12" with warm "Halcyon Days": a combination of classy melodies, funky synth flights and frantic cuts, the track offers a beautiful conclusion to what can be considered as the best of the TRUST XV series in my opinion! Don't sleep on this one as it is available in very limited color vinyl packed in a full color sleeve. Next Trust release will see the great return of lok44. Highly recommended!





Written by: Chris Nexus 6

December 2015