Robert Cosmic - My Universe

Robert Cosmic, respected Spanish Electro artist who by now has had his share of releases on numerous labels like Debonaire Records, Battery Park Studio, and Subsonic Device to name a few, returns here with a fabulous E.P. called "My Universe" on his own Mars Frequency Records. This eclectic marvel of Electro Music contains 6 songs full of ingenuity and perfectly balanced grooves to make you move your body. Robert's style is characterized by funky, slightly abstract compositions met by classy 808 Electro Bass beats that create fun and intriguing listening music, that provides just enough energy to get a dancefloor going.


The first song on this record is a short, but highly enthusiastic production called "Loading...", which commences with alluring pads, as it quickly unravels into a Rotherish-styled jam carried by a spacey atmosphere that is aided by computerized female vocals that welcome you into Robert Cosmic's personal universe. Up next "Back To Reality" quickly brings you back into your senses as this mischevious tune begins to show you that things are not what they once were. Harsh vocoders, and destructive melodic stabs work together with mind-bending sequences that push things into overdrive with fury.


Coming next we find "My Universe", the title song, and a mysterious and punishing tune that gets into some futuristic Electro Funk full of gleaming tones that add a touch of mystique, as majestic strings darken things up in a way that really digs into you. The brooding vocals get into some heavy action as the uncanny, almost DMX-styled beats drive forward like angry robotic stallions. Amazing song! 


With "Robot Infiltration", we get into some finer grooves that really spark up some soul as the beautifully programmed sequences entice you to move without contrictions. This one has a really eclectic feel to it, and is perhaps the best on the album so far. Next up we find "Recombulator", a sinister jam that gets into the 808s with determination, as the melodies and pads invite you into a place all of its own. Wicked this one!


Lastly, Robert Cosmic's "My Universe" ends with "Synthetic Love"; a powerful composition that slows things down while raising the energy with a magical sense of sentiment. Truly a masterpiece that will touch your heart and soul in a very special way. A journey before the end into the artist's deepest core emotions, that reveal more than just a club producer, but what can only be described as a heartfelt dedicated musician who aims to do more than just create dancefloor "smashers", rather diving deeper into the sonic underworld of musical creation to deliver so much more! You have to buy this album, its a unique collection of music that covers a fairly wide spectrum of styles within the Techno Bass sound. A+ all over this one, great job!





Written by: Santino Fernandez

November 2015