Ohverclock - Tecknowledgy

One year after their last appearance on CHP Recordings, Adam "GROW" Wilson and half of Code Rising Ryan "Kounterakt" Phillips celebrate their great return with a brand new digital output! In the prolongation of their "Sagittal Future" and "Land Of The Fee Home Of The Slave" releases, the US duo delivers today two orchestral cuts calibered for the dancefloor, drawing their inspiration in horror and B movies from the 60's.


Moving away from the Reptilians and Aliens concepts, Sci-Fi "Tecknowledgy" opens with much anticipating "TNT", a dark slaughter based upon gloomy synth laments and female vocals scanding "We Need Time" over frantic scratch sequences. A funky melody comes by the middle of the track to blow everything away and cause maximum damages to your mind. Ace!


Going deeper into the realm, massive "Made In 561" instantly follows to serve up another destroying cut and catches the listener's attention. A combination of irresistible melodies, sharp 808 drums and powerful beats, the jam unleashes bass like never before, while samples of films make their way through spooky synth flights.


Too rare UK producer R21 (Binalog Productions, Devine Disorder Records) graces us with an almighty rework of "TNT", delivering no less than eight minutes of pure Electro madness bringing back the bright, uplifting sound of Kraftwerk. From the first arpeggio notes to the last beat, the cut lends a minimalistic bassline that gradually builds around surrounding FX and vocoder elements, reminding you of the Düsseldorf band.


From start to end, tremendous "Tecknowledgy" is nothing short of incredible and seems like another must have in Ohverclock's growing discography. Buy it now below.





Written by: Chris Nexus 6

December 2015