Luxus Varta - Everything Is Nothing

Emeric Di Paolo (Detelefunk) aka Luxus Varta lands on SolarOneMusic to inaugurate the first chapter of the label's brand new "Hubble Telescope" series with a monster of a release! Coming from the punk-rock scene, Emeric evolves in the shadows of Paris The Black FU (from Detroit Grand Pubahs) since 2005.


"Everything Is Nothing" celebrates Luxus first ever E.P. and covers pretty much every corner of the Electro spectrum, starting with the heavy bass sororities of top notch "Kuft", an unforgettable journey into the depths of space. Dark and dirty modern Techno a la Drexciya with a bunch of Electro aesthetics characterize this piece of anthology constructed around an incredible rhythm made of harsh beats over nasty drums. Tone is given!


Soulful "Leloh", instantly following, leads us into a warm planet thanks to groovy melodies, urban and 80's touches. One of my favorites! Scifi "Floo" featuring Paris The Black FU contrasts with its unhealthy universe made of brainwashing lyrics, some cold and hypnotic basslines driving you straight into a stellar black whole.


With its infectious atmosphere and syncopated tempo a la Dopplereffekt, "Breigs" offers another epic exploration of the Galaxy fusing cracking sounds to catchy synth layers. Top notch! As a conclusion, shiny "Voxpol" returns to a more classic Electro music, but keeps the experimental spirit of the whole E.P., using delays, intricate voices and eerie sounds to let you gravitate around the solar system.


From A to Z, this release is a must have! Paying homage to the Hubble Telescope and all the great scientists and engineers at NASA and ESA, the "Hubble Telescope" series will see the publication of three releases featuring E.R.P., Heinrich Mueller, Rudolph Klorzeiger, The Exaltics, Robert Heise, Crotaphytus and Luxus Varta. Each part of the series comes with a cover print picture taken by the Hubble Telescope.


Watch this space for more information regarding these forthcoming and essential releases!





Written by: Chris Nexus 6

November 2015