Layup - Black Gap

Layup - Black Gap cover imageFollowing Luke Eargoggle's brilliant album "Harbours Are Magic", Body Control keeps on surprising with the sublime "Black Gap" opus. Moving away from the dancefloors, the Atlanta based label has given commands of their spaceship to Layup (Endless Illusion, WeAreUnity); a mysterious renegade delivering here one of the most beautiful L.P.'s on Ben Wehunt's structure. There's not much information about Layup, but all what we know so far according to what we heard is that the artist is a true talent!



In overture, the title track "Black Gap" hits hard with soulful synth layers over a lazy and downtempo 808 line. Surrounded by a retro atmosphere and bewitching melodies, this home listening cut sounds like an awesome ode to the 80's culture, from Sci-Fi movies (Escape From New York, The Thing), to video games (Street Fighters, Space Invaders), passing through music (John Carpenter, Alan Howarth). Ace! "Dual Basis" maintains the pressure with a smooth piece of Electronica built around a slow down rhythm and a heading arpeggios progression: seven minutes of an epic cosmic trip to Mars enhanced with subtle 303 loops.


With its ambient approach, visionary "Sublimination" goes deeper into the realm thanks to Trancey strings, groovy beats and Electronica tones. Playing with emotions, introspective "Modularity Of Mind" offers a fascinating experiment of the subconscious, while well cadenced "Gravity" serves up enough mind blowing analog and acid sounds to put you in a circle. This jam is to bring you closer to Freddy Fresh's repertory; a master of the analog genre, when he was driving his Modulator side project.


If delicate "Landschaft" returns to classic Electro music, classy and relaxing "Deep Forest Research" opens windows to forgotten landscapes inhabited by unreal creatures. Top notch! 


Urban "Orbital Docking", signs a noir soundtrack with a strong musical identity. While listening to it, you'll feel like you are driving in a futuristic city at night! "Sequence Of The Evil Side" on the other hand, will fit perfectly with Boris Dividers last album "The Source" on Drivecom: wonderful vintage synth flights mixed up with a much anticipating vision.


As a conclusion, "Black Gap" ends with experimental "Symmedian Point", an acidic affair led by frantic beats. What characterizes Layup's music is his ability to create for each track a unique atmosphere. You'll be served with this inspired, refreshing and emotional album against the current productions. Congratulations to Body Control for bringing us albums of such caliber. A labour of love and integrity!





Written by: Chris Nexus 6

November 2015