Kretz - You Are Time Consuming

The unstoppable Kretz returns, this time with the EP "You Are Time Consuming" on sub-label to his Plonk Imprint, "Encrypted Records". Featuring a remix by Maschine Brennt, this release kicks into Warp Drive as the menacing beats and mind-bending melodies and loops you'll find here take you on a serious journey through the soundscapes of this incredible artist. 


Kretz opens up with the sinister original version of "You Are Time Consuming", a ferocious and aggressive tune that gets into a slightly different realm than we are used to from the artist. Normally we tend to hear some more feelgood vibes and positive messages, but as we know, one cannot step into the light without understanding the darkness.


Here, he presents you a different message that also helps to enlighten the mind, warning you of how much time is spent doing needless things that aren't getting us anywhere. Suspenseful pads, along with a tightly syncopated bassline, not to mention some seriously deranged vocal textures create an enigmatic aura around this fabulous track. Top notch!!


Next up, Maschine Brennt closes up the EP with his classy, yet punishing remix of the song, delivering melodies and grooves reminiscent of artists like Dark Vektor, carried along by unforgiving beats that pound without mercy.  Intriguing strings come in as the bizarre effects on the original vocals get even weirder than before, striking you with an intelligent array of eccentric sequences and sonic manipulations done with pure ingenuity. Amazing remix.


You gotta get in on the action if you haven't been keeping up with the amazing Electro music of Kretz, ranging from pure Electro, to high-energy Techno Bass. Kretz, founder of the Plonk Recordings label, is definitely one to watch without question, who here introduces us to his dark side with pure genius. Buy it now, and support this rising Electro artist!





Written by: Santino Fernandez

December 2015