Kretz - Machina Pop Pro Populus

Kretz returns on his very own Plonk imprint with a beautiful masterpiece of 4 melancholic and soulful tunes called "Machina Pop Pro Populus". This insightful journey into Kret'z compassionate and awakened mind is nothing short of stupendous. We are huge fans of Plonk and Kretz here at TechnoBass, and while not all their releases fall into that genre, we certainly love to cover all angles and bring you the best that pure uncut Electro music has to offer. If you are looking for some heavy action by Kretz however, check out our other review of his recent "You Are Time Consuming" on Encrypted Records, featuring Machine Brennt...a powerhouse that will rock your soul from chakra to chakra!


Things here begin with the slow and thoughtful "This Is The End", which saturates you with complex abstract and melodic sequences as the profound pads and vocals come in. Amazing Downtempo Pop tune! So full of soul, it'll almost bring a tear to your eye. Next up, "Some Times" increases the tempo only slightly, as it maintains a very similar style to the previous, still very thought provoking, and full of tender emotive vibes that will charm you from beginning to end.


"My Analog Machine" continues on, as this playful tune pays homage to our beloved friends, those who endlessly provide us with the honor of channeling through some amazing cosmic energies...synthesizers! Here, the mysterious vocals guide through your basic analog signal path as the sumptuous arpeggios and delightful sound effects that dance around like machine elves during a magic mushroom trip lead you into the mystical world of the almighty synth....and what a strange trip this is indeed!


Lastly,  "Your Mind Is Not Just A Thinking Machine" gets us into a  mystifying realm where the tempos kick back up as the lazer beats march with stride. Sensual robotic voices are met by a beautiful arrangement of arps and pads that create such an alluring atmosphere, you'll feel as if you are melting right into the music that envelopes all around you. What a fantastic song, no....What a fantastic album, this guy is on fire ladies and gentlemen!!! 


Kretz is such an amazing gift to this music, as are many around today, who with this unique sense of passion for bringing us timeless masterpieces not only elevate our music to the level of Classical and even Jazz, but give us the opportunity to connect deeper into ourselves and with the artists to share in more complex subjects regarding society, the state of world affairs or even something as deep as our love for each other or our passion for our instruments. You have to buy this album and experience the magic of Kretz and the rest of the Plonk family. We tip our hats to you guys, you have given many of us a fresh air of inspiration for something very real....the music! Keep it up





Written by: Santino Fernandez

December 2015