Fleck E.S.C - Slime Master

"Slime Master" marks the second appearance of unstoppable Fleck E.S.C on Bass Agenda Recordings, following his remix for The Bokanovsky Process in 2013. Play-listed by Laurent Garnier himself, the EP delivers an intense four tracker in the vein of the prolific Tokyo based French artist whose most recent works can be found on Electrix, Anti Gravity Device or CHP Recordings just to name a few.


The digital release kicks off with the title track, "Slime Master", an Electro-experimental affair based upon eerie tones, cold melodies and metallic pads. A strong start to introduce the EP! Urban "Mechanical Touch" instantly following will cause stirs in any amateur of early Anthony Rother Electro tracks: classy synth arpeggios full of intricate and gloomy touches over Sci-Fi sounds, quality throughout! This jam is definitely my favorite.


"Dead End", coming next, delivers a soulful soundscape characterized by electrifying synth flights. Here's a brilliant demonstration of Fleck's talent to create tracks both for home listening and dancefloor pleasures.


As a conclusion, final cut "Estimation" will remind you of The Blotnik Brothers' almighty sound on Satamile several years back. A combination of chip tunes, C64 and video games sororities plus robotic voices a la Kraftwerk scanding in French "Estimation, Proposition", the song concludes in a wonderful way another winner release on London Bass Agenda Recordings, brilliantly leaded by Andy Barton. Must have!





Written by: Chris Nexus 6

December 2015