Wolfgang Flür - Eloquence

Vocode your ears because Wolfgang Flür, formal member of the Audio quatro "Kraftwerk" has released a new album after an almost infinite silence. The Album "Eloquence" is in full effect and obtainable as a CD, clear double Vinyl and Digital Download.


Wolgang Flür recorded the most songs with Stefan Lindner, at his "Sonic Field Studio" in Neukirchen, but for the new album he has also collaborated with Bonn Harris ( Nitzer Ebb), Anni Hogan (Some of her first bookings were Soft Cell & The Human League), Jack Dangers (Meat Beat Manifesto) and Nortec Collective. The album is a story-telling of songs recorded between the year 2000 and now. Album touring will also be announced soon in Europe, as well as the rest of the World, who will be astonished again on a rendez vous with history of modern music.


Don't expect any trailblazing work from this living legend, who pioneered enough as "Electro Percussionist" during the period he was robot/member for the concept band "Kraftwerk". "Eloquence" is a fair view from his recordings, from the beginning of the new chiliad until today. Wolfgang Flür fumbles for this record from his rich music past, from pure Electro Pop over almost "Jazzy smooth", and even a bit of tribalism with a flavour of "Rockness".


With "I was a Robot", a single from 2004 that hit the German charts, Wolfgang Flür takes the yoke of Kraftwerk off, and becomes an artist in his own right. Poppy, melodic and vocoding in a Long and Radio version. The song "Cover Girl" coming next, is an allusion of "The Model", which teases the catwalk with sweet vocals. An alchemy of the better work we know from Röyksopp.


"Axis of Envy", a collaboration with Nitzer Ebb's Bon Harris, unfolds the devil with layers of anger and goozy vocals. The track "Best Friend's Birthday" freaks on runaway blazers, while the song "Beat Perfecto" tribals with a Spanish flair in which Wolfgang shows what he always will be: A percusionist as "Electro drummer". 


"Staying in the Shadow" is an eclectic collaboration with Meat Beat Manifesto's Jack Dangers, while "Moda Makina (Fashion Machine)" has been created with Ramón Amezcua from the Mexican band "Nortec Collective"; another highlight that's worn by blazers who wipes the feed with fashion and the paparazzi. "On The Beam", unadulterated pastiche Pop, finishes off the Album in 3 bonus versions. A German, Japanese, and a Tokyo minimal Mix in which vocalist "Nomiya Maki" revives the fetish of Japan.


The Album "Eloquence" is a release from Cherry Red Records, who was responsible for the album, and a lot of the title choices. Wolfgang Flür will soon also perform after the release of his new album, where he remixed several of his album songs, a few Kraftwerk songs, and tracks from other producers he has respected over the years. So far two upcoming concerts are in the pipeline:


  • FRIDAY 4 December 2015 Wolfgang Flür - Eloquence album tour: UK, Aatma, Manchester, United Kingdom Showtime: 22:30h
  • SATURDAY 5 December 2015 Wolfgang Flür - Eloquence album tour: Ireland, Voodoo Lounge, Dublin, Ireland Showtime: 19:30h


Enjoy the new Album from the man who was glad to be part of the music that changed the World, and still makes music that changes the World over and over again! You can pre-order now from the Cherry Red shop here.





Written by: Erik Verreyken

November 2015