Lux 4 Attack - Electronomia

Based in Sao Paulo, Brazil since 2004, Lux 4 Attack is one of the most devout duos in the country who are pushing the Electro Bass sounds not just to their own people, but also abroad with their imprint "Urban Dance Records". Composed of Rafael Isnik (Producer, Composer), and Leandro Gore (Vocalist), Lux 4 Attack has had its share of success locally in the city, performing at prestigious venues like Trackers and 8 Bar, but also non-profit events like "Quebrada Cultural" and "Som Jovem"; hosted by the local community in efforts to bring the music to the deepest corners of the massive Metropolis. After 2 previous releases, "Canapia (2009), and "Space Electro Cosmic" (2013), Urban Dance Records and Lux 4 Attack return with "Electronomia". 


This 4-track digital pack is a strong Detroit-influenced powerhouse designed to make you move. It's dark, it's gritty, it's mysterious, and! it is raw...something in many ways inherent to the Brazilian culture, which has always pushed the boundaries of societal expectations; particularly that of music and dance, where they excel in their own unique way. 


Starting things off is "Electro Dos Pretos", a menacing jam reminding one of some of the works found on labels like Underground Resistance and Direct Beat, driven by dark sawtooth basses, and sinister synths as Leandro Gore's vocals add a bit of ghetto styles to the mix. Punishing dancefloor tune! Next up "Psycho Tech" gets into eerie realms with deranged melodies and vocals, as the pounding beats rattle the world around you. This tune is not for the faint of heart, sounds like a soundtrack to a horror film!


Moving along we find "Lost In Space", which gets real funky and spaced out, a bit like some of the works on Breakin' Records with wild sequences that haunt as you move along to the beat. These guys like it dark and spooky, and we like it that way! Last but not least, "Radio Gaga" keeps up the tempo, but gets a little more sentimental, still carrying that Detroit vibe with subtle pads yet otherworldly synths that disintegrate as the bizarre vocals hint their way in. Cool tune, very original!


All in all a great record in continuation of Lux 4 Attacks's growing discograhy, which shows tons of promise for a duo that has made a life of spreading the sounds of our music to the masses. Get this unique release now, and drop it hard....this one is gonna rock the clubs Sao Paulo style! 





Written by: Santino Fernandez

November 2015