Chordata - No Fate But What We Make For Ourselves

Chordata returns, this time with yet another consciously oriented collection of some of her best works called "No Fate But What We Make For Ourselves". As the Duchess of Scottish Electro music, Chordata has made a name for herself with a flurry of masterfully composed releases on labels like Napalm Enema, and Militant Science; always driven by what seems to be her most important spread a message! Something clearly felt in the sentiment throughout her music, coupled with a unique style that sets her apart from the rest.


The first song we find on this album is "Geometria", a punishing tune that carries some of that signature Scottish Electro Bass funk, along with the mystique and almost "Gothic-like" vibes that are felt in many of Chordata's songs. Next up, "Whirligig 1", steps it up a little bit with menacing bass synths, as delightful 808 claps and rimshots decorate the percussive arrangements before being met by intelligent sequences and rich mystifying pads and strings. Classic tune!


If the fast-paced energy of "There Is A Wolf In The Cellar" doesn't get you moving (and we doubt that), with punishing distorted sonic attacks and devious robotic voices, then perhaps "They Call", a fascinating tune paying respects to visionary Terrence McKenna; which comes in with uncanny bass tones that slice and dice with tenacity might make you start to groove. What a tune! This one sounds a bit like Mandroid, carefully crafted with a keen sense of what Electro Funk in the future sounds like.


The title song, "No Fate But What We Make For Ourselves" comes in with another cameo, this time by famed actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, with twisted arpeggios, and deranged pads that together create such an apocalyptic and sinister atmosphere, it'll make you think twice about just what exactly is happening on our planet, and what our personal responsibility is in all of it. There truly is no fate, but what we make of it. 


Up next, we have "On The Horizon", another dark and mischievous tune with galloping laser shots, and a crisp bassline that are met by sharp sonic oscillations as a relentless arpeggio takes hold. 'Listen" on the other hand, speeds things up a bit with that cool Scottish high-energy funk as the gleaming, almost Trance-like sequences add some melodic feel to a track that is like a battle scene from Star Wars put into a song...devastating!


Last but not least we are left with "Slightly Askew', an interesting song made up of broken beats, and complex melodic weaves that incorporate just the right amount of bass tones, high-end arpeggios and step sequences to indulge you into what is almost like a space bubblebath; where Analog bits seems to surface from every angle. 


Highly recommended, and a great addition to Chordata's short, but elegant discography as she continues to grow into becoming a formidable force in the scene. It's great to see more ladies involved in the game, and when done with such class, one cannot help but tip their hat in absolute respect for taking such a careful and conscious approach to making well balanced, groovy, yet forward thinking tunes full of uniqueness. Get it now, you won't regret it. 





Written by: Santino Fernandez


October 2015