Andy Clark - Oscillating Devices

Bass Agenda Recordings keeps on exposing to the masses underrated talents with the 14th chapter of its "Bass Agenda Presents" series. This time, local artist from UK Andy Clark takes control of the machines to deliver a five tracker of high caliber, and a future classic that will no doubt inspire numerous forthcoming artists. The fruit of years of experiments, Andy's sound combines with skill intelligent music to introspective inspirations and solid influences. The result is a creative dosage of dancefloor and lazy cuts, halfway between the Electro and Electronica genres.


Opener "Ache" gives the tone of an IDM (Intelligent Dance Music) E.P., soulful, delicate, creative and masterfully executed. Spiritual melodies, enhanced by deep layers over powerful electroid rhythms turn the track into a heading masterpiece where Andy showcases his unique sense of cosmic narrative. Warm and emotive at the same!


With LFOesque "Aphelion", the listener leaves smoking warehouses for more introspective and intimate places. Smooth, with a little je ne sais quoi from the early Rave era, this track offers a memorable Electronica journey just like in the glorious days of EBM. I had goosebumps the first time I heard it. Ace!


Rough "Carbonated" looks forward into an Electro Bass register and will bring to mind the sound of The Ghost That Walks. Compressed beats combine with distorted layers, while religious arpeggios and intricate voices blow you away. Fascinating "Event Horizon Disco", coming next, kicks off with robotic lyrics but quickly unleashes bass and synth melodies for our greater pleasure. The sound becomes harder, turning the cut into an ultra-mechanized and intense sonic transmission. Top notch!


Cosmic "Light Is Fading" concludes the digital pack with a Downtempo beauty surrounded by a smooth atmosphere over a sharp yet groovy 808 rhythm. Conscious and soulful music perfectly crafted and encapsulated in a cutting-edge E.P.! The way Andy makes his machines cry is unique! Sublime "Oscillating Devices" signs an epic adventure through mysterious stellar spaceship from which the listener can observe Andy's talent for intelligent Techno and spacey Electro. Essential!





Written by: Chris Nexus 6

November 2015