FTRSND: Brussels Drops The Beats With The 3 Day Electronic Marathon

The idea is simple and direct: present a visit card of the current Electronic Music scene in Belgium, during a marathon of three days in the center of the capital. Underground, and in around 30 places unusual or unavoidable in the area.


The city of Brussels played an important role since the pioneer days in the birth of Electronic Music. There was the passage of "Dieter Moebius", who ran a school at the Brussels Art Academy and helped give form to the "Krautrock" style. Andre Stordeur, who started his electronic tape composition in 1973 for the soundtrack to a film on "Gordon Matta-Clark", and founded his own Electronic Music studio called "Studio Synthèse" in 1973 in Brussels. The Electro Pop band "Telex", founded in 1978, astonished everyone with the worldwide recognized smasher "Moskow Discow". "Snowy Red" who gave us the song "Euroshima", a harbinger of the Belgian "New Beat" sound that conquered the world around 1988. And then there was "Front 242", the EBM (Electronic Body Music) quartet that dominated the International Electronic Underground scene, and influenced many Electronic producers all over the whole world, as pioneers, bridge builders, and innovators; in recording and performing life.


But that was then, pioneering is over and this is now: stardate 2016, and a whole new generation of electronic producers, labels, and DJ's who will show their talents during a marathon of 3 days, in the heart of the city of Brussels. During the weekend of October 14th 'til the 16th, the Brussels Electronic Music platform "FTRSND" (Future Sound) organizes the Brussels Electronic Marathon in collaboration with over 20 venues and more than 30 Electronic concepts such as, Bedroom Beats, Bepotel, Blue Cheese, Bulex, Buzz On Your Lips, Cosmic Pop Records, Deep Heat', Deep In House, Early Late, Eating Records, Electronical Reeds, Fondation Sonore, Fragments, High Needs Low, Holger, Just Chillin, KickBack, Leftorium, MacSwell, Play Label Records, Re:Fresh, Trahace, Vlek, and Wired Electronics. A preliminary list that in all likelihood, beyond all expectation, will clock on in the next two weeks coming. A closure line-up will be published as soon as possible for our readers interested in the Brussels Electronic Marathon.


The Brussels Electronic Festival is a leadership initiative from the organization FTRSND, and inspired by City Festivals such as, the "Great Escape" in Brighton, "Detroit Electronic Music Festival" (D.E.M.F), Iceland's "Airwaves", and nearby, the "Brussels Jazz Marathon". It's all about a marathon in the space time continuum. There will constantly be activities who will take place along two traffic axles, who will cut through the city center, on the rhythm of the beat. In the face of the daylight, there will be workshops and demonstrations of all types, and under the dark night sky, there will be a lot of party time from producers, DJ'S, labels and participants.


On Friday the 14th of October, FTRSND producers and artists will lead workshops in the legendary "Anciene Belgique" with collaborations from producers such as Sparkling Bits, Sonøren, Antilux and Ozferti. On Saturday 15th of October, there will be a special feature at the legendary club Fuse. From 11 pm on, there will be a special collaboration from Initiate, Deep in House, Deep Heat, Norite, Vlek, Echoes, Less iz More, KickBack, Beyond, High Needs Low, Wired Electronics and Eating Records. Sunday 16th of October you can brunch in "Mima", where FTRSND artists and producers will drench the spectators in musical atmospheres, accompanied by audiovisual installation support.


For this first edition FTRSND will convince the public that Brussels has a new generation of electronic talent in multiple genres and styles. The Electronic Marathon welcomes undiscovered new talent and established producers from the local city scene, who will entertain you with a bright shining picture of their diversity of Electronic Music, that characterizes the city of Brussels. In regard to the first edition, it's difficult to estimate how many participants there will be expected, but between 15,000 and 20,000 visitors over the three days of the Brussels Electronic Marathon will make it a happening not to miss, to discover the Brussels Electronic scene, who're chomping of impatience for ushering a new era of fine electronics.


While there is no representation yet of any artists that produce Electro Bass, or any of the styles affiliated with this style referred to as "Electro", Belgium is in fact teeming with artists from these sub-genres (Ahxan Sonn, Kosmozo, MicroControlUnit), and could one day play an important role in the festival as well. It would be great for the organization and local artists to take notice and get involved, and fully bring all the Electronic talent Belgium has to offer to the table. The diversity of genres is as an asset to the audience of tomorrow, the surprise in the abundance of surprises. Be there to party in Brussels for a discovery on today's Brussels Electronic sound!




Written by: Erik Verreyken

October 2016