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We are an online magazine driven to promote the style of Techno Bass pioneered by Dynamix II and subsequently evolved upon by Detroit groups like Aux 88. Dynamix II's release of the hit "Techno Bass" in 1988 on Chaos Records, ignited a new trend in the sound of Electro Funk that would see the fusion between the styles of Detroit Techno, and Miami Bass. As David Noller of Dynamix II explains: "I added the chocolate (2 Live Crew Miami Bass) to the peanut butter (stiff Detroit Techno) and Techno Bass was born".


Although the style and term "Techno Bass" were beginning to gain ground in Miami in the late 80's with the continuing output of Dynamix II releases, as well as other artists like Techno Bass Crew, Maggotron, Bass 305, and many others who helped carry the dying Electro Funk sounds into the Intelligent Miami Bass and Car Audio era, it is important to also denote the importance of Detroit's input into taking the sounds of the music to the future and beyond.


In September of 1992, Keith Tucker, while working on material for Juan Atkin's label Metroplex, met with his old friend Tommy Hamilton, and finally brought to fruition their new project "Aux 88". The two began to produce a vast amount of new tracks with a very new sound for the Detroit scene, and highly influenced by Miami Bass as well as Sci-Fi and Classical Music. Later in '93, the album "Bass Magnetic" was released by 430 West Records on cassette ( Later released as a 2x12" album in 1994 ), taking the Detroit club scene by storm; specially the track "Technology", which would go on to be released as a 12" Single as well.  The label and some British magazines coincidentally began to promote their sound as "Techno Bass"; seemingly unaware of the fact that this sound had already been prospering in Miami, and very influential to the duo. 


The influence of the Techno Bass sound in the US and Europe throughout the 90's was quite obvious, especially into the Rave era where both groups, along with the plethora of others who would begin to push the style of Techno Bass began to take hold and evolved Electro Funk into an innovative form of Electronic Music that brought together the sounds of different regions into one common vision.


Today, all of what is considered "Electro Bass", is actually the continuation of this Techno Bass sound, reflecting the strong influences of Detroit and Miami, as it continues to evolve into an ever-flourishing and classic sound of Global Electro Music. Our purpose is to show the complex musical dialogue between the different regions of the world, and how the sounds of Electro/Techno Bass and the artists who have been producing it were influenced, or how they in turn influenced the other artists and many styles of what is commonly considered "Electro". Thanks for stopping by, read on!




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