Agent2 | September 2009 Feature

Agent 2This month we present a feature by the UK's Agent2, one the the founders of the Rebel Intelligence collective. Formed in 1997 in the UK, Rebel Intelligence serves as both a creative platform and a reaction to its own environment, then and now.

Agent2's introduction to Techno music came to him at an underground club called LOST in 1992. LOST was the first club in the UK to book Detroit people like Jeff Mills, Kenny Larkin, Robert Hood etc. Influenced to start DJing and learn to produce electronic music, Agent2 fattened up his record collection and sharpened his DJ skills. The result has been a long and interesting journey, taking him to play in locations such as Berlin, Barcelona, Paris, Zurich, Basil, Bruno, Prague, Malta, Bulgaria, Holland and Brussells among others, and culminating in residencies for both Bloc and Scand, along with many appearances at nights like Bleep43 and Plex.

In 2009, Agent2's involvement with Rebel Intelligence has manifested a brilliant first release by Matt Whitehead on its own record label imprint. Keep a lookout for this up and coming label that is sure to bring about some of the most interesting Electro and Techno Bass music that we have witnessed as of late.





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  1. Bitstream - Double Density | (Signal)
  2. 65D Mavericks - Beginnings End | (Surface)
  3. Jacen Solo - Forbidden Medicine Pt.2 | (A.i.)
  4. Texas Trill - Hardfloor [E.R.P. remix] | (Hardfloor)
  5. Silicon Scally - Process | (Cultivated Electronics)
  6. A Credible Eye Witness - Episode 3 | (ACEW)
  7. Boris Divider - Remote Operator | (Drivecom)
  8. Patrick Pulsinger/Dj Glow - Ploughing the Dark | (Trust)
  9. Sync24 – It's a Soft Slip | (Cultivated Electronics)
  10. Point7 – DNA Conflict | (Toytronic)
  11. A Credible Eye Witness - Episode 9 | CE Digi 002 – (Nature)
  12. Kritical Audio – Spandex | Handsette

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