Paul Blackford

Undoubtedly by now you have heard of Paul Blackford, the British producer that has been described as having pioneered the UK take on Detroit Techno Bass. Amassing a broad catalog of vinyl and digital titles, he has released on labels like WIDE, Baselogic, Twilight 76, Crobot Musik, and many more. Having been influenced by early Rave Music and Detroit Techno and Electro, he has been a key component in helping the sound of Techno Bass survive, never forgetting the roots of the sound and what made it so special and unique.


Paul first broke unto the scene by releasing the hit E.P., "1991", on the infamous Breakin' Records imprint. In 2007 he helped launch the label Bass Gun Records with Smashback, allowing them to have control of the release of their own material, as well as that of other musicians who they felt deserved the opportunity of having their material published. The label had much success, releasing hit records like Paul's own "Quasar", and Synapse's "Mech-Annoyed". Their releases stood out from many of the other digital releases of the time not just by their incredible musical talent, but by also having some very well designed illustrations, often depicting the label's artists in fictionate scenarios.


In 2009, Paul Blackford went on to start his own imprint called "Militant Science", releasing such artists as Galaxian and The Exaltics. With 9 releases on its catalog, this label has been making quite a name for itself, proving that with persistence, a digital label can truly rise above the many which have cropped up over the last few years in the music industry's so called "Digital Revolution".


Paul's music is very inspiring, always very soulful or thought provoking, making statements along the way. Something that although missing from many of the releases of the past few years, has thankfully begun to resurrect, bringing music back to its core principle: to be a universal language that allows us to influence each other in a positive way, so that we can evolve and continue to grow.


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Written by: Santino Fernandez 

October 2009