MicrocontrolUnit | April 2010 Feature

Microcontrol Unit You may have caught one of MicroControlUnit's live sets recently posted on the web, if so, you are well aware of the devastation that MCU will bring to your speakers. Futuristic beats, visionary melodies, and disruptive sound effects create a carefully crafted mix of unreleased songs by one of today's strongest up and comers. Not released on any label at the moment, expect much more as the MicroControlUnit continues to spread it's synthesized binary operations throughout cyberspace and beyond.

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1. Intro (Control and Conquer) - Unrelased
2. Enter Complex - Unrelased
3. I Hear and Obey - Unrelased
4. Major Malfunction - Unrelased
5. The System - Unrelased
6. Enter Complex II - Unrelased
7. Escape - Unrelased
8. Cpt. Redman (face to face) - Unrelased
9. INTERBELLUM - Unrelased
10. Electronic Slaves - Unrelased
11. Ways of the Unit - Unrelased
12. Psychability - Unrelased
13. Don't Deactivate - Unrelased
14. Grand Finale - Unrelased
15. Outro (1945) - Unrelased

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April 2010