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2010 Artist Highlight | DJ Di'jital

July 2010 Artist Highlight | DJ Di'jital: Truly an old school
Techno Bass jewel, DJ Di'jital has been a key player in the
development of what some call the "Second Generation" of Detroit
Techno. H… "">Read More »

2010 Artist Highlight | Sbles3plex

Sbles3plex was originally formed by Ivan Arnau aka Dark Vektor,
and former member David Farrell. The duo got together back in 1995
in the city of Terrasa, a small place in the region of Catalonia
no… "">Read More »

2010 Artist Highlight | Aux 88

To many, the name Aux 88 has long been synonymous with the term
Techno Bass. Having been influenced by the early days of Detroit
Techno, as well as the glory days of the Electro Funk and Miami…
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January 2010 Artist Highlight | Dynamix II:

How can you have Techno Bass without Dynamix II?
can't! The release of the record "Techno Bass/Feel The Bass" on
Chaos Records, sparked a trend in the sound of Electro Funk that
would see… "">
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December 2009 Artist Highlight | DJ Xed:

Some of the greatest things in life come from some very
unexpected places, DJ XED is one of those things! having been
exposed to the Electro Funk sound almost since its inception, the
works of artis… "">
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November 2009 Artist Highlight | Drexciya

November 2009 Artist Highlight | Drexciya: There probably isn't
a single person that likes Electro/Techno that does not know the
name Drexciya. It has become a staple name for anyone that has bee…
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2009 Artist Highlight | Paul Blackford

Undoubtedly by now you have heard of Paul Blackford, the British
producer that has been described as having pioneered the UK take on
Detroit Techno Bass. Amassing a broad catalog of vinyl and digita…
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2009 Artist Highlight: Pretty Tony

Tony "Pretty Tony" Butler is a very mysterious producer. Working
behind the scenes on productions that many people would perhaps be
surprised that he was even involved in, he has helped lay the grou…
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2009 Artist Highlight: Blastromen

August 2009 Artist Highlight | Blastromen: For thousands of
years, mankind has always been on the search for extraterrestrial
life outside of our Solar System, finding very little ev… "">Read More »

2009 Artist Highlight | Juan Atkins:

There are few people in this world that can truly be credited
with being pioneers in the Electronic Music scene, Juan Atkins is
one of them! Born in Detroit, Michigan in the early '60s as the son
o… "">Read More »

2009 Artist Highlight | Detroit In Effect

Detroit In Effect are DJ Maaco aka Cybonix ( M.A.P. Records,
Frustrated Funk, D-Bass Records ) and DJ PDog ( 1 Up 3 Down
Productions, M.A.P. Records ). Cybonix is a veteran in the Detroit
Techno Bas… "">Read More »

2009 Artist Highlight and Interview | The Egyptian

Please introduce yourself: what is your real name? how old are
you now? your occupation? Hello, My real name is Greg Broussard. I
was born and raised in South Central Los Angeles, California. I am…
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2009 Artist Highlight | The Unknown DJ

The Unknown DJ, one of the most legendary Electro Funk producers
in the history of the sound, is really not quite so unknown. Born
Andre Pierre Manuel, Unknown DJ pioneered the West Coast Sound of
t… "">Read More »