Label Highlights (old)

Based out of Atlanta, Georgia U.S.A., Body Control Records has been a non-stop force in our scene since 2013, bringing us a wide array of titles by some of your favorite artists like -=UHU=-, Robodru… Edit »

Founded in 1999 by Florida Electro Bass veteran James Wolfe of Resident Alien fame, Frajile Recordings was part of the 3rd wave of our music to bring a whole new generation of artists to the stage wi… Edit »

May 2015 Label Highlight | NoxGenus Recordings

Born in Nijmegen, Netherlands back in 1998 as a collective of analog Electronic Music enthusiasts, Noxgenus Recordings has been a pivotal force in the Electro scene, working as a Creative Commons Netlabel since its official launch in 2008, yet always providing its material for free since its inception as perhaps the original Netlabel of sorts, so far bringing us 15 releases of pure Electronic bliss! Read more»

March 2015 Label Highlight | Twilight 76

Founded in 1994 in the city of Detroit by natives Brian Jeffries (DJ Godfather), Brian Gillespie (DJ Starski), and DJ Dick, Twilight 76 quickly became the segway from the second wave of Electro Funk and Techno in its Techno Bass form, as we marched into the 2000's into what is considered as the "Third Wave" of our music. Read more»

November 2014 Label Highlight | Zero One Music

Founded by one of the Detroit Techno Bass pioneers, Will Web, Zero One Music was born in a time when what could be considered as the 2nd wave of Electro Funk, in the form of Electro Bass, came around… Read more»

September 2014 Label Highlight | Tokyo Electro Beat Recordings

Founded in 2004 by prolific Japanese Electro Bass artist AE35, Tokyo Electro Beat Recordings is a product of hope and frustration shared by many across the world, as we fight to let the music be heard in a world confused and subverted into believing that the mediocrity found in music today is acceptable. Read More »

July 2014 Label Highlight | Pandisc

Easily the most successful Miami Bass label, Pandisc in many ways has been at the forefront of Miami Bass and Electro Funk music since its inception; responsible for helping bring to the spotlight many artists like Maggotron, Freestyle, Debbie Deb, Pretty Tony, and Beat Dominator ( Bass Mekanik ) just to name a few. Read More »

May 2014 Label Highlight | Access Tonal Communications

Founded in 2001 by Mr. E, and SEK01, Access Tonal Communications has been a label that since its inception, has set out to be different; rebelling against the status quo, and bringing you fresh and innovative Electro Bass with a message. Read More »

March 2014 Label Highlight | Direct Beat

Founded by the "Burden Brothers" ( Octave One, Random Noise Generation ) as sub-label to the already highly successful 430 West Records, Direct Beat looking back could be said to have been much more than just another label; it was a pioneering platform for the 2nd wave of Techno; commonly referred to as "Detroit Techno Bass", that would go on to influence so many different genres and countries over the decade it was in business, and yet another decade since going defunct, that its impact is still in many ways being felt across the world. Read More »

January 2014 Label Highlight | Mars Frequency

Spanish label Mars Frequency has been a welcomed addition to the growing roster of labels in the Electro scene, kicking things off in 2010 with the first installment of the "Mars Frequency Compilation Vol. 1", featuring works by Spanish artists Negocious Man, Synth Alien, Robert Cosmic, and Datacrashrobot, as well as that of other great up and coming names like MicroControlUnit, DVS NME, Pip Williams, DJ Hash, and Meka. Read More »

November 2013 Label Highlight | Debonaire Records

Founded in 1987 by Miami Techno Bass legend Claudio Barrella a.k.a. Debonaire, Debonaire Records has been a tenacious force that even though short-lived in its beginnings, came back with a vengeance in the late 2000's to become a strong part of the resurgent Electro Bass and Miami Bass scenes; releasing title after title of monumental releases that have received plaudits from all corners of the world. Read More »

September 2013 Label Highlight | Deadlock Records

Founded in 2007 by former Detroit Techno Bass producers Sougon and Sublock, the label had a short-lived, but tenacious 2 years in existence, bringing you 4 unique pieces of vinyl and featuring the works of Paul Blackford, Boris Divider, WaveFirm, as well as different collaborations and solo projects amongst the founding members. Read More »

July 2013 Label Highlight | Control Tower Records

As the legendary imprint founded by The Dexorcist and Radioactive Man, Control Tower has been a force to be reckoned with since its inception, with an extensive catalog of some of the hardest and most sinister Electro Bass to come out in some time. Read More »

May 2013 Label Highlight | CHP Recordings

Launched in 2007 by mastermind, and innovative Miami Techno Bass producer "Grow", CHP has not only served as a platform for the artist to publish their own music, but also to bring in talent from around the world in the form of collaborative projects that have continued to push the envelope time and time again over the years. Read More »

March 2013 Label Highlight | Puzzlebox Records

Founded in 1995 by Second Wave pioneers Keith Tucker and Anthony Shakir, the label has since then remained one of the only, and longest-running Techno Bass labels from Detroit; releasing primarily the various pseudonyms that Tucker recorded under, as well as names like "A Number Of Names", "Dynarec", and "Black Electric". Read More »

January 2013 Label Highlight | Battery Park Studio

Battery Park Studio is a phenomenon, one of those cases where things just seem to have come into alignment at just the right time and place. At just two years old, the label, with its humble beginnings, has catapulted itself into becoming one of the most prolific digital labels of our new era. Read More »

November 2012 Label Highlight | Cultivated Electronics

Founded in 2007 by Phil Bolland aka Sync 24 ( half of Cultek ), the label has been a consistent force in the Techno Bass scene, being perhaps the one label that helped re-inspire many others to start releasing vinyl again after the decline of sales in the mid-00's; not to mention the great deal of influence the music published on the label by many of today's hottest artists has had on the direction things have taken in the past few years. Read More »

September 2012 Label Highlight | Transient Force

Founded by infamous graphic designer Arnold Steiner, also known as AS1, Transient Force has been not only one of the most Detroit oriented labels of the past decade, but also one of the leading labels to rise out of the ashes of what was left after the mid-00's downfall of vinyl, and subsequent takeover of digital formats. Read More »

July 2012 Label Highlight | Jamron Records

Founded by visionary Miami Bass pioneer James McCauley aka Maggotron, Jamron Records, a sub-label to the sub-label Jamarc Records of Pandisc, had a somewhat short, but highly influential catalog of releases that in many ways shaped the...Read More »

May 2012 Label Highlight | Crobot Muzik

Hailing from Croatia, the Crobots have been on the attack on their imprint "Crobot Muzik", since 2007, featuring revered artists like Paul Blackford, Dynamik Bass System, N-ter, and DJ XED to name just but a few. With 27 titles to choose from, you are bound to have plenty of bass for you to shake a stick at, while the genius productions you will find on their catalog, will imprint a sound on your mind that will make an everlasting impression. Read More »

February 2012 Label Highlight | Interdimensional Transmissions

Going strong for nearly 20 years, Interdimensional Transmissions has been one of the true purveyors of the Techno Bass sound, not only being one of the few labels in the nineties that kept "Electro" alive, but also an inspiration for innovation in the 2000's, when the sound started to make a strong comeback. Read More »

December 2011 Label Highlight | Satamile Records

Founded in 1995 by Andrew Price , Satamile has been the longest running Electro label out of NYC. Specializing in the sounds of Electro/Techno Bass, the label has released well known names such as Bolz Bolz, Umwelt, Roadking, Heuristic Audio, and many more. Read More »

October 2011 Label Highlight | Dynamix II Records

Dynamix II as a group in itself has been very influential, but one of the key components in the success of the group was the founding of David Noller’s label “Dynamix II Records”, releasing a wide array of Techno Bass music, Hip Hop, and...Read More »

August 2011 Label Highlight | XOX Records

Launched in 2002, XOX Records has been delivering a slow-paced, but quality driven catalog of music from various Finnish artists, some of which have gone on to become staple names in Techno Bass music, like Blastromen and…Read More »

June 2011 Label Highlight | Metroplex Records

Metroplex is without question, the originator of Detroit Techno. Following on the footsteps of Deep Space Records, Juan Atkins' first label, it also preceded Transmat, and KMS; which were founded by…Read More »

April 2011 Label Highlight | Devine Disorder Records

Since 2009, Miami's Devine Disorder Records has had an onslaught of releases from many new artists that have become staple household Electro names, like R21, Zerodouble, Magnetic Bass Force, Rawtary… Read More »

February 2011 Label Highlight | Last Known Trajectory

2010 brought us many great things in the world of Electro music, and one of those was a glimpse of hope that perhaps vinyl was not dead afterall, that perhaps it was beginning to make a comeback. Si… Read More »

December 2010 Label Highlight | Underground Resistance

As the pioneers of what has been dubbed "The Second Generation of Techno", Underground Resistance has been much more than just a label; it has been a movement, a force to be reckoned with. Few impri… Read More »

October 2010 Label Highlight | Solar One Music

There has always been a question as to whether Extraterrestrial life exists outside of our planet or not, and if so, when will they visit or invade...what we rarely think about though, is how! Ever… Read More »

August 2010 Label Highlight | Techno Hop Records

Techno Hop Records is one of the original Electro/Hip Hop labels from the West Coast. Launched in 1984, it is the creation of one of the most legendary of the Electro and Hip Hop pioneers, Unknown D… Read More »

June 2010 Label Highlight | Electronic Corporation

Probably one of the most interesting aspects in the history of Electronic Music, has been the influence that has ricocheted back and forth betwee… Read More »

April 2010 Label Highlight | 430 West

Probably one of Detroit's most historic and notable record labels, 430 West rose to a place in the music industry that can only be attained by years of hard… Read More »

February 2010 Label Highlight | Breakin' Records

Like Direct Beat, Breakin' Records has had a very underground and less "in your face" approach to delivering monumental releases that over time, h… Read More »