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Brand new Warsaw imprint "Get The Balance Right!", in reference to Depeche Mode, returns with a compilation of refined Electro/Techno tracks featuring the label owner himself, Ever Moving, plus two g… Edit »

September 2015 Record Review | V/A - Electrix Shox Volume 1

"Electrix Shox Volume 1" inaugurates a series of highly recommended compilations on Billy Nasty's legendary Electro imprint that you will not want to miss. Celebrating his reunion to the London labe… Edit »

September 2015 Record Review | T/Error - U 235 Isotopes The Remixes

If you enjoyed T/Error's "U 235" album, please do yourself a favor and rush into the pleasure you will find from the remixes album! Featuring Body Control's regular signatures, this digital release… Edit »

September 2015 Record Review | Cloak and Dagger - Darkfall

Frajile Recordings has been on an upswing lately, putting behind a hiatus that had left many of its followers wondering if perhaps one of their favorite imprints were no more. Thankfully not the case… Edit »

August 2015 Record Review | Krypton 81 - Outpost Alpha Centauri

Subsonic Device, the powerful German imprint responsible for such classics as Darxid's "You", Supreme.Ja's "Digimachine", as well as Morphogenetic's "The Time Is Now", returns with one of their… Edit »

August 2015 Record Review | Lectromagnetique - The Occultist

Following his debut 12" on Urban Kickz Recordings, Ivan Margolin aka Lectromagnetique returns to Bass Agenda Recordings with an outstanding digital pack! As a regular signature on Andy Barton's Lond… Edit »

August 2015 Record Review | Franck Kartell - La Jetée d'Orly

Feedbacks are unanimous about "La Jetée d'Orly" and you won't find a negative word from us as much as we enjoyed this masterpiece! Returning with his second solo outing to date on Bass Agenda Recordi… Edit »

July 2015 Record Review | V/A - Ad Astra

Belgian Label "Les Disques Cockpit" presents here after 3 CD's by artist "Holtz", their first compilation titled "Ad ASTRA", which contains 14 different tracks from established and new producers in t… Edit »

July 2015 Record Review | [Wave ~ Equations] - Abkehr Der Vernunft

If you like your electronic music sweet and peaceful, here comes an album I would highly recommend. Written and self produced by Berlin based Hanz Holzer in Germany, "Abkehr Der Vernunft" serves up… Edit »

July 2015 Record Review | Sigh Society - Swell EP

With numerous appearances and releases on structures such as Transonic Records, Syzygy Records or Victor Entertainment, Inc. just to name a few, Kiyoshi Hazemoto has made a name for himself since his… Edit »

June 2015 Record Review | T/Error - U 235

Following his still highly recommended "D7" L.P. published early this year on Bass Agenda Recordings, T/Error invests in the Atlanta based label Body Control with another inevitable opus of his trademark. Read more»

June 2015 Record Review | Kretz - Gemeinsamheitsinformationen Remixed Edition

Barely two months after the release of "Gemeinschaftsinformationen", Kretz presents the remixes album of his original digital title. Not that the remixes have been placed on the market hastily as an afterthought, on the contrary, a large part of the reworked numbers had been already waiting for a while in the bin. Read more»

June 2015 Record Review | Bass Agenda Presents #11: ITPDWIP - 7000 EP

The London Electro imprint returns with the eleventh edition of its "Bass Agenda Presents" series. On command, versatile Heinz Kammler, the owner of the brand new Remote Influence label, whose first release was reviewed here on in April. Read more»

June 2015 Record Review | Sync 24 and Morphology - Low Pass Gateway

Cultivated Electronics returns with "Low Pass Gateway", a collaboration effort between label mastermind Sync 24, and iconic duo Morphology. 4 tenacious cuts of Electro ingenuity delivered with uncanny precision. Read more»

June 2015 Record Review | V/A - Galactic Creatures

Space Factory returns with a delightful compilation providing the very best of the current Electro trends. The concept behind "Galactic Creatures" was to gather together some of the best Electro representatives on a mission to put you in a circle, to which the challenge succeeded with this refined digital selection of no less than 19 cuts from awesome and established artists worldwide. Read more»

May 2015 Record Review | Tainted Cell - Irreversible

With "The Machine Stops", "CyberFucker" and "Gamma", Tainted Cell proved already that this Andalusian duo has lots of talent to produce pure and solid Electro. The 8 Digi track Album "Irreversible"…Read more»

May 2015 Record Review | V/A - Elektrodos: The Compilation Vol.1

Good things come to those who wait! Following the resounding success of Bass Agenda and DVS NME, infamous Spanish radio show Elektrodos, run by Lara Ramos, proudly presents it’s long awaited debut re… Read more»

May 2015 Record Review | Various Artists - Slice of Pie Vol.1

As you might know now, being an Electro blog, we rarely review Techno outputs. But we'll make an exception with this release, 'cause it deserves some lines for many reasons. First of… Edit »

May 2015 Record Review | dynArec - Looping Love Lane EP

Hailing from Paris, French Nocta Numerica Records inaugurates this month the first of a hopefully long series of Electro-Techno E.P.'s in vinyl as well as digital formats. Growing up to the sound of… Edit »

May 2015 Record Review | Resting Cell - Hypothalamic Replacement

The gyroscopic label Anti Gravity Device from Japan, returns after a short break with another milestone of an E.P., this time from electronic and Acid Techno producer "Resting Cell", hailing from Cle… Edit »

May 2015 Record Review | Bass Agenda Presents #10: Noamm & Miss Noir - Plasma Wave EP

Their dark dress code could let us think that Noamm & Miss Noir come from the Gothic scene., but their music tells us something completely different: the band hailing from Greece has been largely… Edit »

May 2015 Record Review | V/A - Don't Stop Da Bass Vol. 3

Electroclub Barcelona returns with their 3rd volume in the "Don't Stop Da Bass" compilations, this time featuring veteran Spanish Electro master Dark Vektor, along with Serbian mastermind Alavux, no… Edit »

April 2015 Record Review | Code Rising - Give Us Some Space EP

In the prolongation of their "Nightriders E.P." published a month ago, the South Florida based duo, Matt "Ronon" Lancaster and Ryan "Kounterakt" Phillips, hits hard with another nasty Electro Bass E.… Edit »

April 2015 Record Review | V/A - TIME

The U.K. Electro imprint founded in 2009 by Lloyd Da Zoid (Dominance Electricity) and Diplomat (Electrolab), is back with a vengeance after a break of three years! Following the still highly recomme… Edit »

April 2015 Record Review | V/A - Reconstructing Thessaloniki

Hailing from Greece, brand new Remote Influence brings you an imperative collection of unique Electro material from emerging and established artists worldwide. Celebrating the imprint's inaugural rel… Edit »

April 2015 Record Review | Binalog Frequency - MetaMan (Sampler)

Binalog Frequency returns with a 5-track sampler from "MetaMan", the artists's upcoming full-length album, here available as a sort of "kickstarter" type fundraiser for what will be a 4 panel digipa… Edit »

March 2015 Record Review | Weakmassive - Bioelectric

After a couple of appearances on Body Control, versatile Weakmassive hits hard this time with his debut full length release! Eclectic "Bioelectric" signs a remarkable introduction to the Chicagoan musical universe, and features 10 tunes ranging from Electro to Techno styles, plus four heavy remixes from BC's regular signatures. Read more»

March 2015 Record Review | Amper Clap - The Domain Of The Mind E.P.

Prolific Spanish Mecha Amper Clap (Battery Park Studio, Alivelab) is back with another milestone of a self-release! In the prolongation of his "The Dome EP" by the end of 2014, amazing "The Domain Of The Mind EP" offers a journey into Sergio Checa's brain. Read more»

March 2015 Record Review | Fleck ESC - Nice Guy E.P.

After a remarkable appearance on Japanese Anti Gravity Device with the "Voodoo Modem E.P." last year, Franck Collin aka Fleck E.S.C. invests this month on Billy Nasty’s infamous UK Electrix Recordings. Read more»

March 2015 Record Review | AL355|0 - Presence In Absence

Body Control keeps on surprising us release after release! Following the very fresh and funky Jerry La Flim album at the end of 2014, the Atlanta based imprint goes insane with a dark six tracker limited CD from promising artist Alessio Bargiacchi aka AL355|0. Read more»

February 2015 Record Review | Skyborg - End Of Reality EP

Founder of the net label Borg Recordings, Ian Dady presents his third E.P. to date under his infamous moniker Skyborg. Following the "Still Got Bass" and "I Am Electro" releases in 2012, the Not…Read more»

February 2015 Record Review | T/Error - D7

To be honest, till now I never paid too much attention to T/Error. Maybe because I never got really exposed to his music or I thought the Italian artist was a newcomer and had just to do his first ar… Read more»

February 2015 Record Review | Biodread - Game Over EP

With one future classic every two or three years approximatively, XOX Records have made their own saying: "Rarity rhymes with quality!". Finnish premium label returns after a long break with another… Edit »

January 2015 Record Review | V/A - Alien II Abduction E.P.

The boyz from tha D return on Dijital Axcess, imprint of Detroit legendary DJ and producer DJ Di'jital, also featuring D.I.E. mastermind Maaco, DJ Lenn Swann from 12 Tech Mob, and DJ Psycho from Det… Edit »

January 2015 Record Review | Supremeja - DM13 EP

If you enjoyed Supremeja's highly recommended "DM13" opus, rush onto the remixes, you won't be disappointed Collection of seven premium reworks from some of the finest Electro producers worldwide, t… Edit »

December 2014 Record Review | Ohverclock - Sagittal Future

Adam "GROW" Wilson and Ryan "Kounterakt" Phillips of Code Rising famous duo return with a vengeance, on a mission to make you dance! No need to introduce again these talented artists previously… Edit »

December 2014 Record Review | V/A - Bass Agenda Vol.2: The War On Error

Direct follow up to the successful "Bass Agenda Vol 1: Fight Against The Mundane" compilation released a year ago, Volume 2 takes back exactly where the previous opus left us. Assortment of mighty cu… Edit »

December 2014 Record Review | Yoshihiro Hayashi - Guard Duelist EP

Succeeding to the "Phase EP", "Guard Duelist" signs the second EP of Yoshihiro Hayashi on Tokyo Electro Beat Records. If you are familiar with the Japanese's sound, then you know that he's no joking… Edit »

December 2014 Record Review | Psiloc - Quantum

Boris Divider's music is like a virus, mutating under different forms every year. Since his "Ultralink" opus on Semantica label back in 2010, the Spanish artist has multiplied musical experiments and… Edit »

December 2014 Record Review | Phonotronix - In-Sub-Ord-In-Ate

Phonotronix is back ladies and gentlemen, and in their small hiatus a lot has happened: their sound has evolved, darker and more complex, their personal perception towards the music reinvented as the… Edit »

November 2014 Record Review | Dmitry Distant - Closer Than Tears EP

The ninth release of the "Bass Agenda Presents" series highlighted last month a growing artist hailing from Russia. Author of a handful yet promising discography on labels such like Killerrec or Belä… Read more»

November 2014 Record Review | Sbassship - Gegen Den Rest - Remastered (10th Anniversary)

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of "Gegen Den Rest", Dominance Electricity goes digital this month with the reissue of this classic monster from the label owner Sbassship himself, in a fully rema… Read more»

November 2014 Record Review | Binalog Frequency - Forward

Binalog Frequency returns on his iconic imprint Binalog Productions with "Forward", an 11-track album full of Funk, versatility, and vision....the kind of vision that can put things into forward-motion!Read more»

November 2014 Record Review | Robodrum - Audio Aggressor EP

Following essential "Sick Frequencies EP" under his Psychobot moniker on Electropunkz, Przemek Kuduk aka Electromonter aka Robodrum joins Body Control Records forces to sign a mighty six tracker and… Read more»

November 2014 Record Review | Umwelt - Cultures Of Resistance EP

Making a temporary infidelity to his New Flesh Records and Rave Or Die imprints, French electro activist Umwelt (Drivecom, Satamile, Kommando 6) signs today the 25th reference of Shipwrec. Each relea… Read more»

October 2014 Record Review | Supreme.Ja - DM 13 ( The Album )

Old school Electro Bass master Supreme.Ja returns, this time with "DM13 - The Album", 14 songs full of punchy 808s, roaring basslines, devious vocoders, deranged synthetik calculations, and mystifying synth lines that uplift the mind and spirit.  Read more»

October 2014 Record Review | Workerpoor and Andrew Claristidge - Falklands War

Battery Park Studios out of Germany returns with their next installment, this time featuring up and coming artists "Workerpoor" and Andrew Claristidge. Read more»

October 2014 Record Review | Ascension Électronique - Harmonic Defiance ( The Remixes )

Two years in the making but long awaited follow up to Ascension Électronique's concept album "Harmonic Defiance" is finally here! Featuring a plethora of heavyweight remixers including Dexorcist (Control Tower, Battle Trax), Mandroid (Breakin’ Records, Dominance Electricity), Sbles3plex (Djax-Up-Beats, Fundamental Bass Intelligence)...Read more»

September 2014 Record Review | Jauzas The Shining - Shadows

Jauzas The Shining's great return on the Psamathe, Britain (UK) Techno/Electro label, one year after his "Nuclear Invasion EP". The Bordeaux based artist (Transient Force, New Flesh Records, Minimum Syndicat, Black Montana) signs with "Shadows" a mighty follow up in form of a three tracker E.P., complemented by a couple of remixes from the like of Ekman (Shipwrec, Solar One Music, Panzerkreuz) and Orgue Electronique (Crème Organization, Dance Maison Records). Read more»

September 2014 Record Review | EPG - We Are Electro

As the longest running Electro portal, Electro Empire has been at the forefront of the music since its inception in 1998, providing a resource for die-hard Electro Funk fans a platform to come together and discuss what had been a monumental era for Hip Hop and Electronic music: The heyday of Electro Funk! Offering not just a forum, but also articles on artists, record reviews of classic hits, snippets of music, and what was really a plethora of information that helped to even school a new generation trying to come back to the funk, following a calling that would soon see the birth of the "3rd Wave" of "Electro" music. Read more»

September 2014 Record Review | Mr. Myoplast - Land Of The Blind

You may have already heard about Ben Wehunt as a label owner, thanks to a handful of successful releases including the essential "Global Systems Vol.1" compilation, and the recent "Departing The Hourglass" album from Analogous Doom published on his own Body Control Records. Read more»

September 2014 Record Review | Hadamard - Ass In Bass

Since Janko Bartelink, better known as Hadamard has been haunting labels such as Bunker, Mighty Robot Recordings, Semantica Records, and Last Known Trajectory with his menacing shadow, a couple of albums, and a handful of E.P.'s have seen the daylight. Read more»

August 2014 Record Review | Noise&Noise - Poem Of Futurism

Noise&Noise's unique sound proudly helped him to release on prestigious labels including ANTiZER0, Transient Force, Bass Agenda Recordings, or Fundamental Records. Read more»

August 2014 Record Review | TGTW - Invader Of The Grid

"The darkest, rawest, deadliest audio experience of your life?". After listening to this epic outing, we must admit words from Andy of Bass Agenda Recordings to introduce the brand new rush of adrenaline from the one and only "The Ghost That Walks", were chosen on point! Read more»

August 2014 Record Review | Franck Kartell - COMA E.P.

Following his remarkable contribution to the label's inaugural release "Bass Agenda Vol.1: The Fight Against The Mundane" in 2013, and his essential album "Afterlife" earlier this year, Franck Kartell returns with his third release to date on 4th Genome's imprint. Read more»

August 2014 Record Review | Andrew Red Hand - Life-Changing Experiences E.P.

Andrew Redhand, prolific Detroit Underground Techno Bass wizard returns with "Life Changing Experiences E.P."; 5 songs full of intricate ingenuity ranging from the synthy and emotive, to the bizarre… Read more»

July 2014 Record Review | Commuter - Digital Memories E.P.

Hailing from Rennes, Laurent Paranthoën succeeds to the list of French prestigious talents, including dynArec and Franck Kartell, already signed on UK Bass Agenda Recording. Author since 2007 of a solid discography on labels such like labels Afu Ltd, Electrofon, and Citizen, Commuter has been deeply stroked with Acid House, EBM, Synthpop, New Beat, and Techno, some musical background that you'll notice in his sound.Read More »

July 2014 Record Review | Project X - The Resurrection

Zero One Music returns, this time with a special collaboration with Matrix Records out of Detroit with "Project X - The Resurrection". As you may know, Matrix Records is where Will Web, founder of Zero One, made his debut back in 1995 as Mr. Bill, so this collaboration is very special indeed given the fact Web had stopped making music for some time, and is now back in full effect!Read More »

July 2014 Record Review | Amper Clap - Human Exterminated

Spain counts numerous electro talents among others pioneers Boris Divider and Ivan Arnau aka Dark Vektor but also Weapons Of Bass Destruction, or Spectrum Data Forces just to name. Amper Clap belongs to the new generation of producers emerging since 2005 on the underground electronic scene.Read More »

July 2014 Record Review | Psychobot - Sick Frequencies

Here comes a well named EP! Full of impressive modulations, this free digital release will kick more than one ass and is due to Robodrum also known as Electromonter (Devine Disorder Records, Electropunkz). Early influenced by artists such like IBM, Dynamix II, Bass Junkie, the Poland electro wizard returns with a brand new disguise and musical project.Read More »

July 2014 Record Review | The Exaltics - Some Other Place

Having joined the Clone West Coast series in March, Robert Witschakowski (Abstract Acid, Electrix, Cultivated Electronics, Last Known Trajectory, Bunker, Panzerkreuz, Creme Organization) returns to the Rotterdam label with the second installment of a must have trilogy that will see the Solar One Music co-founder inject positive vibes into harder sounds.Read More »

June 2014 Record Review | dynArec - Harmonic Knight

Fleck E.S.C, Umwelt, Franck Kartell, The Hacker, Jauzas The Shining, just to name but a few...Really the french electro artist touched sails before the wind, multiplying releases over the last few months on some of the best electro labels of the moment! Read More »

June 2014 Record Review | The Outsider - Invitation To Space

The Outsider returns on new Tokyo label "Anti-Gravity Device", this time with the dark and emotive "Invitation To Space". Read More »

June 2014 Record Review | Mike Ash - Human Downfall E.P.

How about some harsh bass pounding Electro beats? In the prolongation of his essential "UFO3030" album in November 2013 on Bass Agenda Recordings, Mike Ash's brand new four tracker on Borg Recordings continues the artist's quest to find out unknown lifeforms on Earth. Read More »

June 2014 Record Review | V/A - World Electronix Remixes

London based Electro label Cultivated Electronics completes the four chapter of its mighty "World Electronix" saga with a brand new remix E.P. Since 2012, the series has brought under the strobes some of the finest Electro producers of the moment including Shad T. Scott, Sync 24, DeFeKT, Deixis, CRC, E.R.P., Plant 43, Steve Allman, Silicon Scally, Boris Divider, Morphology, JTC, Gosub, The Exaltics, and Versalife. Read More »

May 2014 Record Review | Lektroid - Quantum Theory

Lektroid is back! Classy and spacey Electro Funk master Richard Elliot returns with his next self-released album called "Quantum Theory", 14 songs ( these are not "tracks" ;) ) full of deeply emotive soundscapes, futuristic and skillful programming, and superb production, that will take you on a mystifying cosmic ride through the unknown layers of the Multi-verse. Read More »

May 2014 Record Review | Q-Chip - Difference That Makes a Difference

German Solar One Music returns with the second chapter of its brand new "Electronische Werke" series. Succeeding to French dynArec, promising Q-Chip delivers here his debut EP, in the steps of his noticeable "Split LP" released in 2012 along with Cestrian (Ali Renault) on Bunker Records. Read More »

April 2014 Record Review | Umwelt - Planeta De Mujeres

Following his "Realité Virtuelle" digital release in September, New Flesh Records mastermind returns with a self-published 12" on his own imprint. Epic "Planeta De Mujeres EP" presents four gloomy electro mayhems in Umwelt's typical trademark. Read More »

April 2014 Record Review | V/A - Don't Stop Da Bass Vol. 1

There seems to be no shortage of talent and great releases coming out of Spain over the past decade, and this latest release kicking things off for Electroclub Records is a prime example of the kind of amazing craftmanship you will hear from these artists. Read More »

April 2014 Record Review | Info_Cifon - Rhinopias Frondosa

With "Rhinopias Frondosa", Info_Cifon aka The Interrogator, signs his third EP to date on UK Access Tonal Communications. Follow up to his previous "Interrogations EP" and "Cerebral Structures" respectively published in 2010 and 2012, the mysterious artist delivers here a mighty five tracker ranging from pure bleepy to more abstract tonalities. Read More »

April 2014 Record Review | V/A - Theme Of Electro Empire

Dominance Electricity inaugurates its brand new sub-label Electro Empire Records and goes digital this month with the reissue of a classic from 2003! At that time, the international online community and resource for Old School and New School Electro music, established by Rascal in 1998, invited artists from all over the world to participate to a musical competition and create Electro Empire songs. Read More »

March 2014 Record Review | Blastromen - Reality Opens

The Blastromen are back! That's right boys and girls, the popular outer-space duo has returned from the depths of the Universe, with "Reality Opens", their second album to date, and chuck full o' all that retrofuturistic funk, inspiring melodic arrangements, and enigmatic vocals that have made the Blastromen a 21st Century favorite in the Electro Bass and Funk sub-genres. Read More »

March 2014 Record Review | Model Citizens - The Loud Minority E.P.

Celebrating the tenth release of the French mighty label Fdb Recordings, associated this time with Paris located records shop Toolbox, Bass Junkie (Breakin', Touchin'Bass) has teamed up with Matthew Whitehead (Perc Trax Limited, Rebel Intelligence) to introduce the debut EP of their brand new musical band Model Citizens. Read More »

March 2014 Record Review | AE35 - Special Pattern

Having left Tokyo Electro Beat Recordings, the label he co-founded back in 2004 because of a divergence of vision with his partners, Yosuke Ikeda (Battery Park Studio, Fdb Recordings, Crobot Muzik, ) introduces today the debut release of his brand new electro label "Anti Gravity Device". Read More »

March 2014 Record Review | dynArec - Silver Tourist

Really, dynArec is everywhere! Author last month of a brilliant "Exomove E.P. (Elektronische Werke Part 1)" for Solar One Music, Chris Kalera succeeds on Bass Agenda Recordings to another French artist (Franck Kartell and his highly recommended "Afterlife" opus) to deliver a generous 16 track album! Read More »

February 2014 Record Review | Novo - I Flee E.P.

Better known for his electro releases on labels such like Psi49net, GenComProdukts International or Black Montanas, Laurent Boudic aka NÖVÖ signs today a serious preview of his up and coming "Zeitgeist" 4th full length album, to be published in April on Alfa-Matrix. Read More »

February 2014 Record Review | Scape One - Planetoid

Following Pip Williams' 12" titled "Mode#7" in October, Kurt Baggaley under his fame Scape One pseudo signs the second reference of the brand new and mysterious label Brokntoys. "Planetoid" offers an experience through the depth of the galaxy. Read More »

January 2014 Record Review | A # - A Glimpse Of The Future

Aztlán proves that Electro has no boundaries and even comes from the most unexpected countries worldwide. Hailing from Mexico, this independent label, volunteer in justice, democracy and freedom, has supplied since 2012 high quality releases ranging from deep house to techno passing through electro genres thanks to a roster of promising new artists including Tzotzilla, AL355|0, Avidya, and off course Daniel "G13ck" Vela; a Bass pioneer in Mexico, and Aztlán owner. Read More »

January 2014 Record Review | V/A - Planet Electro

Planet Electro, perhaps the compilation of the millenium, arrives just in time as we coast into a new year on Germany's Battery Park Studio. Featuring heavyweights such as ADJ, Dark Vektor, Max Durante, Will Web, Sync 24, just to name a few, this release aims to showcase the talent in our scene with its diversified roster on one hand, while pushing the envelope on the other one. Read More »

January 2014 Record Review | V/A - World Electronix

Good things always come to a end, unfortunately! CE achieves brilliantly this month its "World Electronix" saga with another milestone of an episode. After three successful compilations featuring Carl Finlow, Morphology, The Exaltics, Boris Divider, JTC, Gosub, Versalife, CRC, & DeFeKT, this latest and last installment in the series kicks off with E.R.P's "Burp", a stunning track that begins with an urban touch to turn then into an electro dancefloor killer. Read More »

December 2013 Record Review | Code Rising

This is the kind of gift every Electro freak would expect under the Xmas tree! Authors of a vital discography since 2010 on Exzakt's imprint Monotone USA, plus some solid contributions to labels such Read More »

December 2013 Record Review | Mike Ash

After much success with essential "Bass Agenda Vol.1" compilation and inaugural "My Elecroc!d" EP by The Bokanovsky Process, Bass Agenda Recording returns with another boomer: Mike Ash's debut full l Read More »

December 2013 Record Review | Uni-Mate

Electro Funk wizard Sace 2's imprint "Microciudad Recordings" is back with "Uni-Mate - Save The Planet"; an eclectic and incredibly refined homage to Miami Techno Bass, fused with a classic touch of retrofuturistic 80's Electro Read More »

November 2013 Record Review | Telex Magick

Established Marguerita Recordings hits hard once again, this time with an outstanding compilation that every freak would have dream to release by its own!!! Featuring some of the finest underground electro producers worldwide in a vertiginous line-up, massive "Telex Magick" presents a refine collection of ten premium and unreleased tracks carefully selected by none other than Ben Spaander aka Cosmic Force. Read More »

November 2013 Record Review | Present Tense

After "Subsidence" and "Geometry", Andrea Parker's recently resurrected label introduces its third compilation to date since its launch back in 2002, considering "Nobody's Perfect Part 1&2" more of mixed CD's. Celebrating twelve years of a beautiful longevity, Touchin' Bass offers with "Present Tense" a staggering assortment of eleven tracks covering the whole spectra of current electro genre, from Abstract to experimental passing through EBM. Read More »

October 2013 Record Review | Ohverclock

CHP inaugurates the genuinely refreshing debut album of Ohverclock! Six months after their first highly acclaimed (and free!) "Follow Know One" E.P., the duo comprised of infamous Adam "GROW" Wilson and half of Code Rising Ryan "Kounterakt" Phillips, has teamed up again to bring you this amazing brand new UFO! Read More »

October 2013 Record Review | The Outsider

The Outsider returns with a spellbinding new L.P., this time on Bandcamp with, "Inherit The Stars". 8 songs of wonderful and profound analog goodness from one of today's true purveyors of the sound, mixing the slow and atmospheric, with the funky and robotic; never leaving out that signature brooding style that is making the artist known as a master of the synth. Read More »

September 2013 Record Review | Soundex Phonetic

Steven Patton, otherwise better known as Soundex Phonetic ( Militant Science, Transient Force ), returns on his newly founded "No Divide Records" with an 17-track self-entitled album full of high-octane Techno Bass music, and conscious themes throughout. Read More »

September 2013 Record Review | InHuman Designed

Six months after his highly recommended "Conversion EP" on Dynamix II Music / Fragile Recordings, Cory Hernandez aka DJ Proliferation, returns to Cardiff based label Access Tonal Communications to sign under his InHuman Designed artistic moniker another feverish release of his trademark. Read More »

August 2013 Record Review | Andreas Gehm

To be Acid or not to be. If your are one of those TB 303 addicts, prolific Andreas Gehm aka Elec Pt.1 (Abstract Acid, Creme Org., Mathematics) has cooked for you a refine and copious album full of those loops you enjoyed back in the early 90's. Read More »

August 2013 Record Review | From The Ashes

DVS NME returns with another spellbinding, and unique collection of rich synthetic Electro music; this time with "From The Ashes". Self-released through Bandcamp, the artist brings you 11 tracks, encompassing different styles, ranging from the slow and moody, to Synth-Pop, and Electro Bass. Read More »

July 2013 Record Review | Scattering Point

Label mastermind Binalog, returns on his infamous "Binalog Productions", with Scattering Point. An eclectic, and high-powered compilation of some of his latest work; ranging from DnB, to Techno and Electro Funk and Bass. Read More »

July 2013 Record Review | The Fight Against The Mundane

"For those who know what’s right, for those wedded to the machines in their bedrooms, their studios, their best friend's garage or basement; for those who negotiate with the system everyday to make time for the music that matters, for those who get in debt to fund the...Read More »

June 2013 Record Review | World Electronix

CE returns with the third volume of it's mighty "World Electronix" series that saw a plethora of talents including Sync 24, The Exaltics, Deixis, Morphology, Boris Divider, and Carl Finlow just to name but a few covering multiple facets of current electro sound. From acid to experimental passing through darker registers, this new installment doesn't depart from the rule and offers another bunch of heavyweight artists. Read More »

June 2013 Record Review | DJ Di'jital

Strap on your seatbelt, and get ready to go back to the future; a time when Direct Beat ruled the colonies of subservient Electronic music genres, with its incredible catalog of forward thinking Detroit Techno Bass. Read More »

May 2013 Record Review | The 15 Dead Minutes

The long awaited "Scheming Things EP", on Irish label Trensmat, celebrates the inaugural production of Paul "Dr. Skunkenstein" Mayhem (Electro Avenue Records), David "Heuristic Audio" Froud (Satamile, Cultivated Electronics), and David "Delinquent Dialect" Campbell (Templedog). Read More »

May 2013 Record Review | Miami Bass History

Founded as a loneman project back in December of 2000 by Miami Bass Historian Pappa Wheelie Joe, Miami Bass History has, for well over a decade, been a pivotal part in helping bring the sound back to its respective place in history, since its inception and supposed defunction.Read More »

April 2013 Record Review | Techno Bass Is Back E.P.

Techno Bass is revamped! Zero One Music, in association with, returns with a wide array of Techno Bass mixes on this powerful digital release.Read More »

April 2013 Record Review | Debonaire

The long awaited follow up to "Execute: Self Extraction"! Three years after his mighty opus, the U.S. producer has returned into the trenches to deliver a fresh and imaginative album for 2013. As a label owner who celebrates 26 years of his recognized and respected Debonaire Records, Inc., Claudio Barrella knows exactly the formula, and how to rock the crowds at clubs.Read More »

March 2013 Record Review | Into The Stars: A Tribute To Dialect

Demetrius Dialect Austin was only 29 when he passed away on December 27th, 2012. Unfortunately, I never had the chance to meet him or talk to him, but according to the pain and love posts on social networks from his family, and persons he admired; the most such as Bass Junkie or James Wolfe just to name a few, there's no doubt he was an awesome man. Read More »

February 2013 Record Review | Repetitor

Alavux returns with a dark and punishing self-release that is sure to get you moving with its sinister overtones, and funky grooves. 4 cuts to choose from, available through Bandcamp, with great cover art by the notorious Jakob Beksh. The first track is the title song "Repetitor", which is a Techno Bass jam light years ahead of its time, with rich analogue arpeggios, playful stabs, and ferocious beats. The artist did a wonderful job on the vocals on this one, and even though they are minimally used, it adds the finishing touches to the track with great class. Read More »

January 2013 Record Review | SOM Compilation

Solar One Music returns once again with the fifth installation in their "SOM Compilation" series, this time including works by artists like Scape One, Guy Tavares aka Schmerzlabor, The Exaltics, Heinrich Dressel, -=UHU=-, Defekt, and many more of today's purveyors of the sound. 22 songs total on 2 CDs, presented in a beautifully crafted magazine that includes stories, interviews, and general info on the artists featured. Read More »

December 2012 Record Review | Mazzula

Long-time member and supporter of, Mazzula, returns with a smashing remixes E.P. with works by Paul Blackford, Pip Williams, Northbay, Galaxian, Jay Mass, Laws, Tekkaz, and Ryogo Yamamori . Read More »

November 2012 Record Review | Hitachi II

Hitachi II returns on Binalog Productions, with the full length release "Tokyo E.P."; which is a follow up on his 2010 release on the label, on their "Advanced Funk Vol. 1" compilation. Featuring 4 tracks by the artist, the record also includes remixes by label mastermind Binalog, as well as AE35, Embryonik, and Baxim. Read More »

October 2012 Record Review | Alien Revolution

DJ Di'jital and DJ Maaco team up to bring you, "Alien Revolution"; a funky, and hard-hitting collection of Techno Bass jams, from two of Detroit's longest-running veterans. Released in digital format on DJ Di'jital's new imprint, "Dijital Axcess", this record features 4 cuts: the original mix of "Aliens N Effect" by DJ Di'jital, and DJ Maaco, as well as a bonus beats, Instrumental, and an ingenious reworking by DJ Maaco of "Armada"; which was also originally produced as a collaboration between both artists.Read More »

September 2012 Record Review | Zombie Summer E.P.

Two of Detroit's most legendary artists from the old school Techno Bass era return, this time on Will Web's Zero One imprint, with "The Zombie Summer E.P.". Only available as a digital download, the release features 2 tracks by each artist, which together make up a contemporary, yet classic collection of club music; with a sinister twist on this Summer's rampage of Zombie-like behavior. Read More »

August 2012 Record Review | U.F.O.

Diamondback Kid is back with "U.F.O.", a spellbinding and otherworldly E.P., featuring 4 songs full of deep synth lines, powerful Electro beats, and grooves so funky, they will turn your eyes to the sky, while putting your feet right on the floor...the dancefloor that is! Read More »

July 2012 Record Review | Lektroid

Lektroid returns with his first full length album, showcasing with 9 songs, the incredible talent this artist has to offer. A unique artist to say the least, Lektroid utilizes home-made synthesizers, as well as many classic vintage keyboards, which have helped to define his music as having a...Read More »

June 2012 Record Review | Metastasis

DVS NME is one of those artists that seems to have things constantly in full-throttle, not just dedicating their time to their productions, and even radio, but also to spread the word about known and unknown artists to the masses, with an undying devotion. Read More »

May 2012 Record Review | Boris Divider

Boris Divider returns, this time on his imprint Drivecom Records, with "The Source". Pressed as a limited 2x12" LP, with full color jacket illustration, and featuring 9 songs, this absolute masterpiece takes the artist's music to a whole new level that has not been heard before. Read More »

April 2012 Record Review | Mad Scientist Vol. 3

The boys are back, this time on their homebase Puzzlebox Records, with the 3rd installment in the Mad Scientist remixes series. Featuring works by Detroit In Effect, Mr. Velcro Fastener, and DJ Xed, this absolute banger of a record is a must have for any DJ that wants to truly annihilate the rhythm. Read More »

March 2012 Record Review | Maggotron and Debonaire

Two of the pioneers of the Intelligent Miami Bass movement, or Miami Techno Bass as some would call it, are back on FDB Recordings with, "The Rise Of Bass Planet". Available as a limited 300 copy pressing, including 50 exclusive copies in a colorful full jacket sleeve, with an 8x10" signed picture, commemorative holographic sticker, and T-shirt, this new release stands to be one of the real classics of 2012. Read More »

February 2012 Record Review | Robodrum

Robodrum is back with a vengeance, with his newest release on Devine Disorder Records called, "It Came From Outerspace". Also featuring remixes by label mastermind Dwellz, and DJ Nail, this 4 track E.P. is a menacing attack of chilling atmospheres and sequences, with punishing beats, and deranged vocoder action. Read More »

January 2012 Record Review | Fleck ESC

Fleck ESC is back, this time on Deemphasis' new imprint "Ukonx Recordings", with a 10 song album that is gonna blow your mind, and perhaps even your speakers if you are not careful with the levels. Read More »

December 2011 Record Review | Hyboid

Hyboid is back on his imprint, Astro Chicken Records from Germany, with a delightful 7 song 12" album, called "Where Androids Come To Die". Pressed on white 180 gr. heavyweight vinyl, and packaged with a custom made funeral invitation card, this eeriely-themed release is full of...Read More »

November 2011 Record Review | The Brink

The past 2 years have been relentless with some of the most exciting collaborations between artists that would have never been thought of as working together, yet, as the philosophy of opposites attracting goes, the results have been quite outstanding.Read More »

October 2011 Record Review | The Outsider

They say that the best of things take time, and in the case of Ghost Technology's new release by The Outsider, this is certainly true.Read More »

September 2011 Record Review | Robert Cosmic

Robert Cosmic continues to gain momentum as he quickly becomes one of today's most acclaimed and talented Spanish producers. This time releasing on Germany's Subsonic Device, he brings us a 4 track Vinyl/Digital E.P. called "Sentimiento", which also features a remix by label mastermind "Darxid".Read More »

August 2011 Record Review | Dagobert and Kalson

Dominance Electricity is back with resident artist Dagobert, this time also featuring one of the most talented up and coming artists of the past couple years, Kalson. 8 lush and incredibly powerful tunes, all ranging from Techno Bass, to Electro Breaks, and even some...Read More »

July 2011 Record Review | -=UHU=-

Already making a name for himself on labels like International DJ Gigolos, Transient Force, as well as his own imprint "Universal Human Underground", -=UHU=- returns once again, this time on...Read More »

June 2011 Record Review | Scape One - Potent Mutagen E.P.

Scape One is back on Cultivated Electronics, the label that has been bringing you release after release with some of today's most prolific artists. His first 12" vinyl release in...Read More »

May 2011 Record Review | Mesak

Mesak returns, this time on the already infamous Croatian label, Ghost Technology, with a digital release called "Cycle Of 12". 8 melodic, dancefloor friendly songs bringing together influences from… Read More »

April 2011 Record Review | Heliopause

Perhaps the most unlikely, yet fascinating fusion of sound has just occurred between two incredibly talented, yet completely different artists, Dynamik Bass System and Aux 88. Coming together as "He… Read More »

March 2011 Record Review | Mike Ash - Electrotechno Vol. 1

After much success on Binalog Productions with his "Stop The Machines" E.P., Mike Ash returns on Electrocat Records with a futuristic approach on the fusion between Electro Funk and Techno musi… Read More »

February 2011 Record Review | Scape One - Stellar Remnants

Scape One is back on the unstoppable Militant Science record label, with an album of cosmic proportions. Featuring 10 songs, this incredible collection ranges in many different tempos and styles, al… Read More »

January 2011 Record Review | Galaxian - Repent

Hot on the heels from the success of his last 12" E.P. on Last Known Trajectory, Galaxian returns on Transient Force with an eclectic digital album featuring 9 songs of synthesized insanity,… Read More »

December 2010 Record Review | Robot Conscription

After much success with his last release on New Flesh Records, Spectrums Data Forces returns on his new imprint with a blinding EP that demands you to conscript you to his new army of robots; are yo… Read More »

November 2010 Record Review | Blastromen

During the 21st century, dawn of the accelerating evolvement of technology, two individuals would rise up unexpectedly to fuse together just about every influence you can have in Electro musi… Read More »

October 2010 Record Review | Battery Disorder

Prototype, along with Dwellz Rawkz, team up to bring you an incredible fusion of Electro Funk and Techno Bass sounds. This new EP, released earlier in September, is the fifth installment on Battery… Read More »

September 2010 Record Review | Aux 88 - Electro Slaves

2010 has proven to be one of the best years so far since the resurgence of new school Electro Funk and Techno Bass, and Aux 88's new EP is here to serenade to the thing that keeps us coming back for more...the music! Av… Read More »

August 2010 Record Review | DJ Xed - True To The Game

Are you true to your game? well, you can bet DJ Xed and Subsonic Device are true to theirs; and they are here to tell you how with their new installment featuring 4 funky fresh cuts of Electro… Read More »

July 2010 Record Review | Dark Vektor - Basscelona

Fdb Recordings is back once again, continuing their onslaught of heavy-hitting releases from some of your favorite international Electro artists. This time, it is none other than Dark Vektor… Read More »

June 2010 Record review | Alpha 606 and Sync 24

The ultimate fusion of sound may have just occurred...and it couldn't come from a better label than Cultivated Electronics. Yes that's right boys and girls, two of your favorite Electro artis… Read More »

May 2010 Record Review | Umwelt - ...& The Day Came Pt. II

We knew the day would finally come when our ancient space neighbors would return, yet, the events that have taken place since that fateful day have been unexpected. Consuming dance floors and sound… Read More »

April 2010 Record Review | Prototype - Battery Park Electro

After countless hours experimenting with the right formulas, computations, and probabilities, the ultimate Prototype is now ready to be unveiled to the world. What you will experience is a combinati… Read More »

March 2010 Record Review | Detroit in Effect - Detroit Party Train

The party train has arrived, and its here with 4 choice cuts of pure Detroit Techno Bass. After great success with the "FM Sucks" E.P., D.I.E. is back on M.A.P. Records with a funky and very old sch… Read More »

February 2010 Record Review | Direct Beat - Archive Series 01

Just when you were depressed, angry, and melancholic about the disappearance of Direct Beat Records, they return. Yes, that's right! your old school favorite Techno Bass label is back with represses… Read More »

January 2010 Record Review | V/A - Global Surveyor Phase 3

The long awaited Global Surveyor Phase 3 is finally here! and yes, it offers not just the usual quality that you've come to expect from Dominance Electricity, but more...way more! As if the cover ar… Read More »

December 2009 Record Review | Scape One - Diffusions Of Innovation

Bass4Bots is back with their 3rd installment, this time with none other than the legendary Scape One. That's right, the man who brought you such hit releases like the Planet Funk Express series on E… Read More »

November 2009 Record Review | Robodrum - The Message

The Eastern European label Elektropunkz is back with their 23rd installment called "Message", by Poland's Robodrum. 8 killer tracks released on digital format full of hard boomin' beats, deep warm p… Read More »

October 2009 Record Review | Koova - The Fermi Paradox

Based in London, Koova brings us a brand new E.P. on the Croatian label Crobot Musik called, "The Fermi Paradox". Full of Detroit influences, this album takes you back to the roots for some proper T… Read More »

September 2009 Record Review | V/A - One Nation Under Bass

Devine Disorder Records is truly a fresh face in the Florida Electro and Breaks scene. Composed of artists like DJR21, Dark Vektor, Dwellz Rawks, etc, this label is aiming at taking the sound of the… Read More »

August 2009 Record Review | Dark Vektor - Wires E.P.

Dark Vektor is truly an inspiring musician, never replicating, just moving forward. If you followed his releases on Djax Up Beats, FBI Recordings, and Votox Records under his othe… Read More »

July 2009 Record Review | Cultivated Electronics EP 004

Cultivated Electronics is a label headed by Sync 24. You may have heard his releases on Andrea Parker's Touchin' Bass label, as well as his collaborations under the aliases Cultek and Signal Type. W… Read More »

June 2009 Record Review | Various - Street Sounds Nu Electro Volume 1 ( 2x CD )

Streetsounds Records, one the most legendary Electro labels is back! Just in time for the 25th anniversary of the birth of the label, Morgan khan re-launches this truly influential icon in the history of… Read More »

May 2009 Record Review | Bass Junkie - Comply

Bass Junkie is obviously no amateur in the Electro scene. With releases dating back to the late 90's on famous labels like Breakin' Records, Touchin' Bass, and lately, Streetsounds, he has be… Read More »

April 2009 Record Review | AUX 88 - Mad Scientist

The simbiant beings Tucker and Hamilton, known as AUX 88, have been re-assimilated into a dark simbiant species of technological voice and mind...this is their return as Mad Scientist! This new CD i… Read More »