Mazzula | October 2010 Feature

Living in the post-industrial wasteland which is Stoke on Trent UK, what might be called a ‘cultural void’ as far as dance music is concerned, has only further inspired Paul ‘Mazzula’. Treading the line between Electro-Breaks and Techno, recognition has been growing steadily with artists such as Radioactive Man and Dave Clarke supporting his work.


A lifelong, self-taught musician, Paul works hard to keep his brand of Electro fresh, working in influences from other genres. The current "Alive EP", and various remixes, are winning Mazzula many plaudits. 2010 is shaping up to be busy, with him working with I-O Inc, and Digital Distortions, along with another EP on Data-Trace later in the year.




Track Listing:




  1. Follow – Cynthia Stern (Mazzula Rework)
  2. Arp Denial
  3. Two Oscillators are Enough
  4. Harsh Boy
  5. Untitled
  6. Purple Patches
  7. Trance Bitch
  8. D3d B3ar
  9. Oh Ah Drama










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October 2010