Posatronix is William "BJ" Smith. Since an early age, BJ has been fascinated by music. Spending hours at a time listening to the radio, BJ could only dream of a day when perhaps he could begin to do something with this art that was so captivating to him. Growing up during some of the darkest days of Detroit's history, BJ's mindframe was certainly that of very profound feelings about society, and what needed to be done to help bring about change in the way people interacted with each other. Music to him was at least, if anything, an escape from the turmoils of life, and a positive way to redirect his energy into something fruitful.


While attending High School, BJ met Tommy Hamilton, both whom had lots in common with each other; mainly their avid fascination with dancing. Teaming up as partners in the dance group, Devo Dancers, as well as the Cosmic Dancers, BJ and Tommy went on to revolutionize the Detroit dance scene with their unique dance routines. Some time later, Hamilton and Smith teamed up with Jesse Anderson and Keith Tucker to form the R & B group, "Regime". After the group disbanded, BJ went on to join the Air Force, becoming an Airborne Ranger, and serving 4 long years.


In 1995, after Keith Tucker decided to leave Aux 88 to pursue his own solo career, BJ joined his old friend Hamilton, and went on to record some of the group's most notable releases like "Electro/Techno", "Break It Down", and "Is It Man Or Machine". The group was also joined by DJ Di'jital as their live DJ, and the group set off on an intense US and European tour, spreading the sounds of Techno Bass music to the world; eventually getting to the point where MTV's Amp also featured one of their videos. After returning home from this amazing experience for all of the members, BJ decided that he wanted to pursue his solo career as well, going on to create "Posatronix".


His first appearence as Posatronix would be on the "Xperience De Bass" compilation on Direct Beat, with the all-time classic "Pure Techno Sound". Direct Beat would later release his first solo E.P. in 1996, publishing the hit "Shake It" ( With assistance from Tommy Hamilton as Executive Producer ), which also featured the songs "Step Into My Groove", and "Posatronix". The song "Shake it" would later be re-released on the "Techno Bass - The Mission" compilation on Direct Beat ( which also included BJ's vocal works on the Aux 88 hit "My A.U.X Mind" ), DJ Assault's "Off The Chain For The Y2K" compilation, the "Diamond Grills" compilation by DJ Goon and DJ Koyote, and not long ago, on the "Direct Beat Archives", released in 2009 by Clone. "Step Into My Groove" was also released on Aux 88's Electro Boogie compilation on iK7, as well as their 2001 release "Best Of Electro Boogie". "Posatronix" would later make it unto the Depth Charge 4 compilation on Submerge Recordings, the "DJs In The Mix" double CD by HMC and DJ Di'jital, and the Smultronix compilation by Superjohan on Supersupersuper Records.


In 1997, Posatronix would follow up with "Danz", also on Direct Beat Records, and featured some of his most notable works, "142 MPH", "Night Vision", and of course the main title song "Danz'". "Danz" was later to be released on the "Electro 6" mix by DJ Rascal, as well as DJ Godfather's "Da Bomb Vol. 3" on Databass Records. "Night Vision" was featured in 1999 on Direct Beat's "Techno Bass 2 - The Prototype Mix" by DJ Di'jital.


In 2003, BJ assisted with the production, as well as a Posatronix remix, of the song "Hubble", on Puzzlebox Records, by the "Metroplex Social Club"; which included Marty Bonds, Keith Tucker, Strand, Tommy Hamilton, and of course, BJ Smith as members. The record also featured mixes by Strand and Optic Nerve. In 2004, Posatronix released a split E.P. with "Seq" on Planck Era Records, featuring the song "2010" by Posatronix, and "Cozmik" by Seq.


2005 would see the return of Posatronix as "Positronix", releasing the song "Shake That Thang" on Submerge's "Follow The Leader" compilation. This year, he also released on Tresor's "It's Not Over Yet" compilation, assisting Scan 7 with his song "Over Its Not", playing keyboards, as well as the mixing of the song.


In 2007, Submerge released the song "Condor", once again as Positronix, on their second volume of their "Follow The Leader" compilations. That year, BJ went back to "Posatronix", releasing his first solo 12" in some time on Cratesavers Muzik, with "Hood Related", featuring the songs "Shake Dat Thang", and "Critics"; ending his discography thus so far.


One of the unsung heroes of the Detroit Techno Bass scene, BJ Smith aka Posatronix has been one of the pioneers of the Second Generation of Techno, helping to revolutionize not just their local scene, but also what had been the dying Electro Funk style. Not having a very big discography under his solo alias, his skills and influence are obvious throughout many of Detroit's most legendary classics of the '90s. Word has it that he is planning a big return at some point, with more material that we can only assume will be as amazing as everything that we have had the pleasure of experiencing.




Written by: Santino Fernandez

March 2011