Shadowbunny | April 2011 Feature

ShadowbunnyShadowbunny is an ongoing Electronic Dance Music project since the year 2000 of female musician, Molly Phipps from North Carolina. Every song is created with, and performed live on hardware. Many inspirations from various genres of music can be detected within the songs of Shadowbunny, however, the most commonly heard niche is Dark Electro/Techno Bass.

Her ability to create unique sounds began at the age of 18, when her father got her a Yamaha DJX keyboard for her birthday. She was used to playing only guitar, and had many effects pedals for her guitar. She began by performing simple loops in the DJX, which she then ran through the effects pedals and recorded into a karaoke machine, looping them over until a song was created.

It wasn't long after that she progressed to more advanced machines and techniques. Her first true musical performance setup consisted of all Korg Electribes ( original series ), a Roland JP8000, and a hard drive recorder. Over the years, she has experimented with many other setups and methods of creating Electronic Music. This month, Shadowbunny brings us a magnificent collection of unique compositions, using only a Korg Electribe ESX.






1. Drip
2. Electro~Wave
3. Crash In The Dark
4. Feed The Speakers
5. Lolographic Snake Puppet
6. Mechanoid Void
7. My Emotion
8. Will Ov Seraphim
9. Morpho-Sphere
10. Negative Vibe Badge 302
11. Grow - Shiver ( Shadowbunny remix - upcoming on GROW's "Recalculating Immortality" remixes album )



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