Komarken Electronics

Since 2007, Komarken Electronics has been one of those names that mysteriously keeps popping up everywhere you go and with everyone you talk to about Electro music. Based out of Kungälv, Sweden, this artist has had a subtle, yet consistent momentum of releases on various labels like Stilleben Records, Solar One Music, Black Montanas, and just recently, Dominance Electricity.


The artist's first release was "Komarken Electronics Research Center", a CD album published on Stilleben Records in the earlier part of 2007. This album was a great start for Komarken Electronics, displaying its obvious Detroit influences, and its own unique way of delivering it. Sharp basslines, mysterious strings, captivating arpeggios and sequences, fused with the artist's diverse percussive arrangements, created a 21st century model for what the future sounds of Electro music could be. This release was later followed in December of 2007 by a Komarken remix of Crotaphytus' "Rhynchocephalia", that was released on Solar One Music on a limited CDr.


2008 would not see any solo releases from the artist, this time focusing more on compilations, and some remix work. Featured on the Black Montanas label, Komarken Electronics remixed "Plug", a song between Katelectro, and Jauzas The Shining, as well as "Nautilus", another song by Jauzas The Shining; this time solo and on the artist's "Nautilus EP". The compilations that featured work by Komarken during this year were "Strange Tales From The Future", and the SOM Compilation, both on Germany's Solar One Music, as well as the "Electro Databahn" compilation on Stilleben Records.


In 2010, after a year in hiatus, Komarken Electronics returned on various compilations, and also released a self-published digital E.P. called "Breed For Perfection". A 3 track release featuring the songs "Breed For Perfection", "Remembrance", and "Liberate". His compilation work included "Avoid Society", on Dominance Electricity's CD release "Global Surveyor Remixes", which followed the "Global Surveyor 3" release, as well as the track "Spaciousness" on the SOM Compilation Vol. 3, and "Nebula", on the Solar One Music promo.


Last but not least, Komarken Electronics starts 2011 off with the artist's first 12" vinyl release, "Granular Material", on Solar One Music; available only as a limited clear edition disc. This new record features the songs "Granular Material", "Science Saved Us", "Spaciousness", "Test Tube Funk", "Moonlight Beat", and a remix by The Exaltics, of the song "Spaciousness".


Ranging from powerful and enigmatic arrangements, to subtle and inspiring melodies, this new release raises the bar and declares victory with its visionary approach to Techno Bass music. Komarken Electronics continues to build momentum and is quickly becoming a name recognized for its diverse sounds, as well as its ability to convey so many different styles in such a refined and interesting way.



Written by: Santino Fernandez

May 2011