Matthew Flanagan is without question one of the most dedicated and exciting artists to watch for these days. As the man behind DeFeKT and ESS, he has recently released two astonishing 12" records, "Stimulus", as DeFeKT on his own imprint "Takeover Recordings", and  "Machine Talk", as ESS, on Umwelt's New Flesh imprint.


Displaying strong Kraftwerk and Anthony Rother influences, his obvious passion for synthesizers and dark Electro music comes through with all of its might, as he brings us this magnificent live set, combining material from both of his projects, as well as showcasing 3 previously unreleased tracks. This is a true delight and a unique feature for that you simply cannot dismiss.








1. DeFeKT - Modular sequence Intro
2. DeFekT - Stimulus
3. DeFeKT - Her Devices
4. ESS - Gilese 581
5. ESS - Vintage Future
6. DeFekt - Modular Noise
7. DeFeKT - We Are Automated
8. ESS - Trigger My Sequencer
9. ESS - Recall
10. DeFekT - Speech
11. DeFeKT - Dimension Glider
12. DeFeKT - Our Future
13. DeFeKT - Outro


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May 2011