DJ Stingray | November 2011 Feature

DJ Stingray simply needs no introduction. His countless releases on labels like Mo Wax, Rephlex, and his own, Micron Audio Detroit, under his various pseudonyms, have made him one of the most critically acclaimed Techno Bass artists of the last decade.


Traveling far and wide across the US and Europe, DJ Stingray continues to spread the legacy of Drexciya, as well as that of his own roots, Detroit Techno Music, across the globe to the masses, innovating upon his work time after time.


In November of 2011, we were extremely honored to have such a talent featured on our very own site. Do not sleep on this great mix of international artists like Plastik Man, Bass Junkie, The Unknown DJ, Galaxian, and many more!














1. Gosub - Eyes Of Nimrud | Citinite
2. Dettman - Reticle | Ost Gut Ton
3. Galaxian - Repent | Trajectory
4. Shape Shifter & The Sentinel - Elektrik City | Southern Outpost
5. Voice Stealer - Electromotive Force | Subvert
6. Bass Junkie - The Weirding Module | Control Tower
7. Brothom States - Qtio | Warp Records
8. Marco Bernardi - Error Message 1 | Frustrated Funk
9. The Unknown Dj -  Basstronic | Dunk Yer Funk Records
10. Prodamkey - Old Beats 'n' Fresh Sounds EP | Prodamkey Records
11. Plastik Man - Plasticine | +8 Records
12. Edit-Select - Surface To Air | Edit-Select
13. Transllusion - Negative Flash | Supremat Records
14. Dj SCSI - Communication | D Bass Records
15. 12 Tech Mob - Untitled | NFD Records


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November 2011