The Hidden Persuader | February 2012 Feature

TOP SECRET:A dossier has been leaked and acquired by the TechnoBass Spybots on the artist "The Hidden Persuader". They have recently hacked into the Persuader's data files, and acquired a live set direct from his studio, which can be decoded, downloaded, and listened to for your cerebral stimulation, here on, or your favorite secret location.

The Hidden Persuader has been tracked emitting quality underground Techno Bass, from a secluded studio somewhere around Cardiff, Wales, UK. Primary assault weaponry includes banks of glitched up samples recorded from various circuit-bent instruments, bass machines, combined with high-powered digital software for optimal sound manipulation.

Allies in aiding and abetting his assaults on the Electro community include, Access Tonal Communications, Bass 4 Bots, Shameless Toady, Divine Disorder Records, and Diamondback Recordings; all disseminating his brand of high octane Techno Bass. Last known live locations have been in undercover parties in the the UK and Berlin, but reports coming in have shown that he is primed for more in 2012, and is actively looking for locations around the UK, Europe, and Internationally.

We're urging you to infiltrate The Hidden Persuader's other known digital locations and dig deeper into the data via the links below.







1. The Eardrum Vibrates
3. Dancing Machines
4. Undetektable
5. Sound|Design
6. DVS NME - Pneumatic ( THP Remix )
7. I'm In Columbia - B3ta Columbia ( THP Remix )
8. Electronix
9. Shadow Dwellers
10. Cardiff Electro Bass
11. Say What?


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February 2012