Robert Cosmic - March 2012 Feature

Robert Cosmic needs no introduction! Undoubtedly by now you have bumped into his music at some point along your daily Electro travels; whether it is on Battery Park Studio, Shameless Toady, or Subsonic Device, this Spanish artist has been delivering a steady supply of classy Techno Bass productions right to your door, with a very unique vibe, and a relentless dose of funkiness that is sure to please.


This month, Mr. Cosmic stops by for his first ever feature, bringing us a delightful blend of some of the newest releases of the past few months; like Fleck ESC's "Designers Of The End", "The Tournament" on Diamondback, and even some of his own work on Subsonic Device. Get this fabulous mix now while supplies last!
















1. Fleck ESC - Tremors | Ukonx Recordings

2. Fleck ESC - Designers Of The End | Ukonx Recordings

3. Synth Alien - B-2 | Devine Disorder

4. Sbassship - Time Shadows | Electronic Corporation

5. Downrocks - Mech City | Beathazard

6. DVS NME - Elevator | Unreleased

7. The Tournament - Round 1 | Diamondback Recordings

8. Blastromen - Blasteroids | X0X Records

9. Dark Vektor - Por La Discoteca V3000 | Devine Disorder

10. Robert Cosmic - Sentimiento Underground ( Darxid Club Remix) | Subsonic Device


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March 2012