Medley | April 2012 Feature

Medley has been a fixture in the local Miami scene as a supporter, promoter and DJ for close to two decades. She is the driving force behind Subterranean Industry and, two entities responsible for booking promoting and recruiting a wide variety of artists and DJ's and helping preserve underground music preservation and communication.


Medley's style can be described as beautifully vicious with an underlying tone of sensuality with a touch of quirkiness thrown in when the mood hits her. Medley's love for the music comes out in her sets and in her attitude.


This month, Medley joins us for the first time, with a splendid set of some of the latest and greatest hits from the past year or so. The mix also contains unreleased material from GROW, N-ter, R21, and Floorkilla. Don't miss this tasty mix, straight from the streets of Miami...get your bass on!






1. Arnold Steiner - Metronome And Feelings | Transient Force
2. Darxid - You (Morphogenetic Remix) | Subsonic Device
3. Fleck E.S.C. - Sin Thesis | Ukonx
4. Shadowbunny - No Return | Crobot Muzik
5. PolycarbonClique - Life on Mars | Unreleased
6. Dwellz - Cellar Dwellar | Devine Disorder
7. R21 - Dr Who (TaR21dis re-cut) | Unreleased
8. N-ter - Judgement Day | BFP
9. MicroControlUnit - The System | FBI Recordings
10. Dagobert - Running Through Detroit | Dominance Electricity
11. Synapse - Mid Range Trauma | Digital Distortions
12. Illektrolab - Frequency Patterns | Advanced Robotiks
13. Grow - Moderate Times | CHP
14. Illektriss - Reign of the Robots | BFP
15. DJ XED - Echoes in Time | Crobot Muzik
16. Dark Vektor - Basscelona (City of Bass) | FDB Recordings
17. Floorkilla - Sucker DJ's | Unreleased
18. Kid Sister & Nina Sky - Look out Weekend ($uper Geniu$ Bass Edit) | Unreleased Promo
19. Teknik - Don't Take Your Love | Dadeabass



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