Mad Wax | July 2012 Feature

As a veteran of the Electro Bass genre, DJ mad Wax has been a huge pillar of support for our scene, with one of the longest running Electro sites and projects, "Vocode", and in the past few years, the crucial blog "City Of Bass", where one can find tons of info on new releases, software/hardware releases, artist interviews, and much more.


Taking some time this month for, Mad Wax brings us a punishing selection of some of the latest titles by artists like Detroit In Effect, Scape One, R21, Pip Williams, and many more. Pick this one up, and get ready for some proper Techno Bass.
















1. General Electro - Suburban Paradise | Napalm Enema
2. Pip Williams - Sub Zero | Binalog Productions
3. ERP - Lunar Ruins | Harbour City Sorrow
4. Detroit in Effect - Dutch Friends | MAP Records
5. R21 - Shutdown | Devine Disorder
6. Detroit in Effect - Shake a Lil Faster | MAP Records
7. R21 - TX | Devine Disorder
8. ERP - Vox Automation | Frustrated Funk
9. Scape One - Tech Knowledge | Napalm Enema
10. Alavux - Zen Mythology | Digital Distortions
11. Detroit in Effect - In Yo Face | MAP Records
12.  Hardfloor - Skill Shot (Hardfloor vs Pip Wiliams RMX) | Hardfloor
13. Detroit In Effect - Break it Down | MAP Records
14. Detroit in Effect - Move Yo Body | MAP Records
15. Shadowbunny - Earth Tone | Crobot Muzik
16. MicroControlUnit - Save the World (Morphogenetic Remix) | FBI Recordings



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