Eric Emz | August 2012 Feature

Taking some time out from his busy schedule working in the studio, Eric Emz returns for his second feature, this time hailing from his home state of Texas, with another one of his eclectic, and masterful mixes.



Featuring tracks by Morphology, Clatterbox, Radioactive Man, N-ter, as well as many others, this mix comes just in time as we begin to approach the hotter part of the Summer, promising to add just a little more heat to your daily and nightly routines with the punishing selection you will find here.















1. Radioactive Man - We Make Techno Party | Wang Trax
2. Morphology - Information Paradox (Sync24 remix) | Cultivated Electronics
3. 214 - Fuzzy Leash |Yellow Machines
4. Mike Ash - Nutrient | Binalog Productions
5. Clatterbox - Autofire | Ricochet
6. N-ter - Radio Transmissions | Subsonic Device
7. Hidden Persuader - Cardiff Electro Bass | Access Tonal Communications
8. Exzakt - Subsonic Base | Satamile US
9. Test - Reborn Electrofunk| Bass Frequency Productions
10. Bytecon - Erase Your Mind | Satamile US
11. ShadowBunny - Lumina Sphere | Crobot Muzik
12. Aux88 - Time Portal (N-ter Remix) | Puzzlebox US



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