NorthBay | September 2012 Feature

Hailing from York, UK, Northbay have made a great start for themselves on the infamous label Militant Science, with the release of the "Analogue Ham E.P.". Consisting of Edd Stephens ( Smashback, Trode ), and Lib Wilson, these two highly-driven artists envision production in a very unique and eclectic way, aiming to not just release music that is relevant today, but relevant tomorrow!


This month, Northbay records a fantastic mix for us, blending in ever so skillfully, the works of artists like Anthony Rother, Illektrolab, Andrea Parker, D'lubb Macheen, as well as some of their own songs. Don't miss this one!

















1. Circulation - Limited One | Circulation
2. Anthony Rother - Simon Says | Datapunk
3. Bushwacka! - Grief | Plank
4. NorthBay - Courting Steps | Unreleased
5. Darkmode - Natural City (Diplomat Remix) | Bass Gun
6. Drexciya - Triangular Hydrogen Strain | Tresor
7. Westbam - Hard Times (DJ Assault Remix) | Electric Kingdom
8. Andrea Parker and David Morley - Uninvited | Touchin' Bass
9. Illektrolab - Android Humanoid | Advanced Robotniks
10. NorthBay - Sexual Fourth Arm | Militant Science
11. Mazzula - Third Door | Unreleased
12. Jacques Greene - Another Girl | Lucky Me
13. D'lubb Macheen and Vela - Rented Room (Swayzak's Little Doggie Mix) | Outside Recordings

*Mix performed by NorthBay on 2 CD-Js and a mixer.


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