Pip Williams - February 2013 Feature

Pip Williams, Shameless Toady mastermind, and phenomenon who took the Techno Bass scene by storm over the past couple years, brings us his first-ever featured mix for Technobass.net, including many upcoming Toady releases, as well as previous works published on the label by artists like Microslav, Giuseppe Mereu, Defekt, Koova, and many others.



Don't pass this one up! The team has been shamelessly playing the heck out of this one, and its on the top of our list.








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1. Pip Williams - "Low Pass Gates" | Shameless Toady
2. Cell Engine - "Cell Engine" | Shameless Toady
3. Koova - "Wie Komme Ich" | Shameless Toady
4. Pip Williams - "Pressure Point" | Shameless Toady
5. Craig Mac - "Syndrome" | forthcoming Shameless Toady
6. Yes Effect - "Off World" | Shameless Toady
7. Microslav - "Insomniatik" | Shameless Toady
8. Defekt - "Error In Replication" | Shameless Toady
9. Giuseppe Mereu - "Grow" | Shameless Toady
10. Pip Williams - "The Dreamer" | forthcoming Shameless Toady
11. Pip Williams - "Outer Limits" | forthcoming Shameless Toady



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February 2013