The Outsider | May 2013 Feature

The Outsider takes some time away from his machines, to record an eclectic set of some of his newest live work, featuring 5 songs which run from one into the other, in a kind of journey through lost worlds once dominated by autonomous machines. What you will find here are sumptuous ambient soundscapes, reminiscent of works by Tangerine Dream, and Jean-Michel Jarre, laden with mind-bending sonic manipulations that expand your horizons with rich analog tones.


This is a good time to chill out, lay back, tune in, drop out, and experience the marvelous compositions that The Outsider has to offer. Grab this set now, and prepare for a journey back into time where the machine held reign, and the music came from a consciousness that was far beyond our comprehension.







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1. The Undoing of the Builders

2. Solarians

3. Flightspace

4. Badlife

5. The Taj



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May 2013