Weapons Of Bass Destruction | September 2013 Feature

Hot on the heels from his release on Bass Agenda's "The Fight Against The Mundane Vol. 1", Weapons Of Bass Destruction records a fantastic mix for us, showcasing many of the tracks on the Bass Agenda release, as well as a preview of an exciting new group coming soon on Bass Agenda Records called, "The Bokanovsky Process", which will be part of a new project on the label in a series called "Bass Agenda Presents:...". Stay tuned for that!



Weapons of Bass Destruction is a highly productive Spanish Electro producer and DJ who consistently impresses and surprises with his music. His talents range from deep dark sci-fi soundscapes such as 'End of Science' to acidic dancefloor bombs such as 'Just In Case Pepa'. He shows growth and maturity in his production skills with each new project, as shown perfectly in his latest release 'Enemy Me'. His passion is equally audible in his monthly podcast mixes which can be found on his Souncloud page.


Bass Agenda on the other hand, has become a very prolific radio show hosted by "4th Genome", and broadcasting from Future Music, as well as Cue-Radio. If you have been keeping up, the show has morphed into the newly founded Bass Agenda Records, and has just recently released the iconic "The Fight Against The Mundane Vol. 1" CD compilation, featuring many of the artists that you will find in this recording.


Get this mix, you won't be dissapointed! Whether you are a veteran of the Electro Bass and Funk movement, or a newcomer to the sound, the music you will find here will satisfy your every neuron with all the Electro stimulation you could possibly need.





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1. The Outsider - Cosmoship

2. _AWOL - 3rd Sektor

3. Vadim SVD - Frozen Time

4. Clatterbox - King Pin

5. Datacrashrobot - MMIC

6. Middle Men - For All Your Tomorrows

7. The Bokanovsky Process - My Electrocid (Original mix)

8. The Hidden Persuader - I Got The Beats

9. Hadamard - You Know Wat I Mean

10. The Korrupted Brothers - Zero Time

11. DVS NME - The Bog

12. DAS MUSTER - Geheimabsprache

13. R21 - Time Travel

14. Romplex - Basstroyer

15. Alavux - 19 Cycle

16. w1b0 - Main Squeeze

17. Dwellz - Hanibal Lectro

18. Dexterous Numerics & 4th Genome - Make It Happen

19. PL_anet - I Am A Robot

20. DefBass & Jay Mass - Fallout

21.Sync 24 - Kinda Loose

22. N-ter - Teknology

23. Microslav - Köln

24. The Exaltics - In Time



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September 2013