Shattered Subjects | October 2013 Feature

Shattered Subjects is the product of Eric Emz, and Ben Owen; former Virginia Beach residents, and long time veterans of the Central East Coast scene in the U.S.. Diligently working in the background, the duo has been quietly producing what will soon be some of the classiest dark and brooding Electro Breaks to come out in some time.


For now, check out some classy selections from Shattered Subjects, fusing together some of the hottest tracks that have been on their playlists as of late, including Gods Of Technology, Merlyn, Anthony Nuzzo, Code Rising, and many more! 







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1. God's Of Technology - Endless | Battle Trax

2. Code Rising - Planet Smashers (Volum remix) | Monotone Recordings
3. Freak Force Crew - We Like It Low | Freakforcerecordings
4. Spacemen - Red Alert 3000 | U.F.O.
5. Merlyn - Ice Cold | Kuad Recordings
6. D.O.H. - Do You Bass | Freebass Records
7. Korrupted Brothers - North Bass | N/A
8. Code Rising - The Last Node | Monotone Recordings
9. Sound Chasers - Raw Dogg | DadeaBass
10. Anthony Nuzzo - When The Sun Goes Down | Monotone Recordings



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