Franck Kartell | March 2014 Feature

Rising French Techno Bass composer and producer Franck Kartell needs no introduction. With a flurry of releases over the past years on labels like Bass Agenda, Ukonx, and New Flesh to name a few, the artist's style has broken down the barriers and pushed forward with innovation and a class of his own that has the masses bewildered, and DJs exhausted from the great deal of energy behind these records that will keep you moving from beginning to end.


This month, the artist brings us an exclusive live set recorded for, featuring many of his tracks from previous releases, as well as some unreleased material due out in the coming months. Wild programming, lush and soulful synth lines, and classic Techno grooves will keep this one in your playlist for some time without rest! 




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1. Intro

2. Floating through the Tunnel (Afterlife LP – Bass Agenda 2014)

3. Mélancolie (Angoisse EP – Romance Moderne 2011)

4. Afterlife (Afterlife LP – Bass Agenda 2014)

5. Renaissance (Afterlife LP – Bass Agenda 2014)

6. Foretaste - 21 - Franck Kartell remix (Boredom 2013)

7. Near Death Experience (Afterlife LP – Bass Agenda 2014)

8. Beyond Pluto (Sedna EP - Transient Force 2012)

9. Metroland - Innercity transport – Franck Kartell remix (Alfa Matrix – 2012)

10. The NDE Song (Post Mortem EP – New Flesh 2012)

11. Untitled (Unreleased track)

12. Apollo 13 : Technical Malfunction (Apollo Missions EP - Black Leather 2011)

13. Post Mortem (Post Mortem EP – New Flesh 2012)

14. Ruslan Cross - Secret Gun – Franck Kartell remix (Black Leather 2011)

15. Zusammen (Unreleased track)

16. Xena (Sedna EP - Transient Force 2012)

17. Sedna (Sedna EP - Transient Force 2012)

18. Hypnose (soon on Bass Agenda – 2014)

19. Electro Music (Unreleased track)

20. Cyber Attack (Cyber Attack EP – Ukonx 2013)

21. Whispers from Space (Unreleased)

22. Outro



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