DJ Deckstrous | April 2014 Feature

Taking time away from his busy schedule with productions for Borg Recordings, as well as his weekly radio show on Global Funk Radio's "The Vital Groove", DJ Deckstrous aka Steven McQueen records a fabulous mix of recent releases by artists like Uni-Mate, EPG, PL_anet, Debonaire, Freek Macheen, as well as some of his own works.


Get in, and don't stop until the rhythm makes your body rock! DJ Deckstrous is now in command.









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1. We Are Electro - EPG

2. Alien Disco 2 - DJ Deckstrous

3. Alone on mars II - PL_anet

4. Andromeda - Diplomat

5. Fire Has A Plan - FREEK MACHEEN

6. Goin Under - lb.IP

7. Party 2 - DJ Deckstrous

8. Parabellum To Your Cranium - DJ Sonic & Debonaire

9. Triangulum - Kalson

10. Die Ganze Welt - FREEK MACHEEN

11. I'm Electro - Uni-Mate

12. God Bless Electro - Special Ed



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April 2014